Los 50 Verbos Más Usados en Inglés

Muchas personas que están aprendiendo inglés prefieren comenzar por entender y manejar lo que más necesitarán para comunicarse de manera efectiva en determinadas circunstancias. Para este tipo de personas conocer los verbos más usados en inglés es la vía más fácil y rápida de iniciar el proceso de aprendizaje.

Si eres una de las personas que se pregunta cuáles son los verbos más usados en inglés, sigue leyendo.


    50 De los verbos más usados en inglés

    Los Verbos Más Usados en InglésEsta lista que preparamos para ti muestra 50 de los verbos más usados en inglés en orden alfabético. Comprender cómo usar estos verbos es una prioridad para cualquier estudiante de inglés.

    Dominar los verbos es la piedra angular de un vocabulario sólido en inglés porque te permite describir acciones y estados del ser. Los verbos son palabras de vocabulario poderosas porque se pueden conjugar para discutir el pasado o el futuro, situaciones o posibilidades hipotéticas.

    Incluso con solo 50 verbos comunes bajo tu manga, así como algunos otros tipos de palabras, puedes comunicar muchas cosas en inglés.

    Lo que haremos será mostrarte cada uno de los verbos junto a su traducción al español, los diferentes tiempos verbales y algunos ejemplos útiles:

    1. Ask – Preguntar

    • Pasado simple: asked
    • Participio pasado: asked


    • I want to ask you a question
    • He asked me if I wanted to go on a date
    • She had asked the professor if he was coming to class

    2. Be – Ser

    • Pasado simple: was / were
    • Participio pasado: been


    • Anne wants to be a teacher
    • He was married before
    • She had been robbed

    3. Become – Volverse

    • Pasado simple: became
    • Participio pasado: become


    • She wants to become a nurse
    • Adam became her boyfriend
    • He had become an angry man

    4. Begin / Begins – Comenzar

    • Pasado simple: began
    • Participio pasado: begun


    • I´m about to begin cooking
    • When she begins talking she never stops
    • He began taking dance lessons
    • She had begun to grow careless

    5. Call / Calls– Llamar

    • Pasado simple: called
    • Participio pasado: called


    • I'm about to call Lisa
    • Karl calls me every night
    • She called me back right away
    • He had called but I wasn't home

    6. Can – Poder

    • Pasado simple: could
    • Participio pasado: no tiene


    • Dean says he can do that
    • I told her I could go on Saturday

    7. Come / Comes – Venir

    • Pasado simple: came
    • Participio pasado: come


    • I wanted to come home early
    • Elise calls home every saturday
    • Sheila came back late last night
    • Alexa had come up with the right answer

    8. Cry / Cries - Llorar

    • Pasado simple: cried
    • Participio pasado: cried


    • I cry for everything
    • Gaby cries in every wedding
    • We cried a lot that day
    • He had cried so much his nose was all red

    9. Do / Does – Hacer

    • Pasado simple: did
    • Participio pasado: done


    • What I want to do is go to the beach
    • Alice does her homework in her room
    • She did the unthinkable
    • He regretted what he had done in the past

    10. Feel / Feels – Sentir

    • Pasado simple: felt
    • Participio pasado: felt


    • I feel much better today
    • She feels a little sad
    • Shane felt bad about it
    • They had never felto so good

    11. Find – Encontrar

    • Pasado simple: found
    • Participio pasado: found


    • She wants to find a new boyfriend
    • I found a lot of bargains at the store
    • He had found the classic car he wanted

    12. Get / Gets – Obtener

    • Pasado simple: got
    • Participio pasado: got / gotten


    • Alice wants to get a new job
    • He always gets what he wants
    • Richard got the flu on his trip
    • She said I had gotten the house cheaper

    13. Give / Gives – Dar

    • Pasado simple: gave
    • Participio pasado: given


    • I want to give you a present
    • My mom gives the best hugs
    • He gave her a diamond necklace
    • She had given him the warnings

    14. Go / Goes – Ir

    • Pasado simple: went
    • Participio pasado: gone


    • Mary wants to go to her grandma's house
    • Joshua goes to the gym on Mondays
    • We went to the beach last weekend
    • He said she had gone earlier that day

    15. Have / Has – Tener

    • Pasado simple: had
    • Participio pasado: had


    • I have such a bad luck
    • He has a bigger house
    • Tommy had a red bike
    • According to him, she had had a bad night

    16. Hear / Hears – Escuchar

    • Pasado simple: heard
    • Participio pasado: Heard


    • He can´t hear you
    • She hears voices
    • I heard the dogs barking last night
    • He had heard her but didn´t answer

    17. Help / Helps – Ayudar

    • Pasado simple: helped
    • Participio pasado: helped


    • Tonya really wants to help
    • My daughter helps a lot around the house
    • He helped her with the bags
    • She had helped him find a new home

    18. Keep / keeps – Mantener

    • Pasado simple: kept
    • Participio pasado: kept


    • We keep the dogs outside
    • She keeps her house clean
    • I kept quiet all that time
    • He had kept her hidden for days

    19. Know / Knows – Saber

    • Pasado simple: knew
    • Participio pasado: known


    • The know how to do the job
    • He knows the truth
    • I knew he would be late
    • We had known each other for years

    20. Leave / Leaves – Dejar

    • Pasado simple: left
    • Participio pasado: left


    • Sandra wants to leave school earlier
    • She leaves a mess in the kitchen
    • I left my jacket at his house
    • He remembered he had left town that weekend

    21. Let – Dejar / Permitir

    • Pasado simple: let
    • Participio pasado: let


    • Let him stay tonight
    • I let him drive my car yesterday
    • He had let her move out

    22. Like / Likes – Gustar

    • Pasado simple: liked
    • Participio pasado: liked


    • I like eating pizza
    • She likes buying new shoes
    • He really liked her as his sister in law
    • She hadn't liked the cabin

    23. Live / Lives – Vivir

    • Pasado simple: lived
    • Participio pasado: lived


    • We live nearby
    • Rose lives next door
    • They lived together before
    • She said she had lived in Germany

    24. Look / Looks – Mirar, buscar

    • Pasado simple: looked
    • Participio pasado: looked


    • I look like a crazy person today
    • She looks very good
    • He looked amazed
    • Jonah had looked for her all day

    25. Make – Hacer

    • Pasado simple: made
    • Participio pasado: made


    • The girls want to make cookies
    • We made a mess in the house
    • He had made a desperate call to his dad

    26. Marry – Casarse

    • Pasado simple: married
    • Participio pasado: married


    • We want to marry in April
    • They were married once before
    • He had married the love of his life

    27. Mean / Means – Significar

    • Pasado simple: meant
    • Participio pasado: meant


    • I don´t know what it means
    • He meant what he said
    • That was not what she had meant

    28. Might – Podría

    • Pasado simple: might have
    • Participio pasado: no tiene


    • Allison might come today
    • He said he might go to your house

    29. Move – Mover / Mudarse

    • Pasado simple: moved
    • Participio pasado: moved


    • Please move over to the side
    • I want to move out of my parent´s house
    • She moved to North Carolina
    • The had moved all of the furniture

    30. Need / Needs – Necesitar

    • Pasado simple: needed
    • Participio pasado: needed


    • We need to repaint the house
    • Rhonda needs to go to the hospital
    • I needed to pack my bags
    • He had needed surgery

    31. Play – Jugar

    • Pasado simple: played
    • Participio pasado: played


    • He wants to lay football
    • We played monopoly all night
    • He had played rugby in England

    32. Put / Puts- Poner

    • Pasado simple: Put
    • Participio pasado: put


    • Amanda put on her Green dress
    • I put the keys here this morning
    • He had put all of his trust in her

    33. Run / Runs – Correr

    • Pasado simple: ran
    • Participio pasado: run


    • I run every morning
    • She runs her errands in her bike
    • We ran the entire marathon
    • They had run the race twice before

    34. Save – Salvar / Guardar

    • Pasado simple: saved
    • Participio pasado: saved


    • He wants to save his marriage
    • She saved some time for this
    • He had saved some money

    35. Say / Says – Decir

    • Pasado simple: said
    • Participio pasado: said


    • We don´t say bad words
    • He says it was an accident
    • They said she was late again
    • I didn´t believe what she had said

    36. See / Sees – Ver

    • Pasado simple: saw
    • Participio pasado: seen


    • I see what you mean
    • He sees me from his window
    • We saw our cousins on the holydays
    • They had seen me but I didn't see them

    37. Seem / Seems – Parecer

    • Pasado simple: seemed
    • Participio pasado: seemed


    • You never seem to study for the exams
    • Everything seemed better
    • She said I had seemed grumpy

    38. Show / Shows– Mostrar

    • Pasado simple: showed
    • Participio pasado: shown


    • I want to show you my wedding dress
    • She always shows more than what she should
    • Alan showed me his new car
    • Vicky had shown him her beach house

    39. Start – Comenzar

    • Pasado simple: started
    • Participio pasado: started


    • I want to start exercising more
    • Lisa started her guitar lessons
    • He had started to have an affair

    40. Take / Takes – Tomar

    • Pasado simple: took
    • Participio pasado taken:


    • I take my dog to the park every afternoon
    • Luis takes his kids to school
    • We took the wrong train
    • I had taken a very bad decision

    41. Talk / Talks – Hablar

    • Pasado simple: talked
    • Participio pasado: talked


    • We talk about many things
    • He talks a lot about baseball
    • I talked to him on the phone
    • Karla had talked to him earlier

    42. Tell – Decir

    • Pasado simple: told
    • Participio pasado: told


    • I need to tell you something important
    • Peter told me the truth
    • They had told a big lie

    43. Think / Thinks – Pensar

    • Pasado simple: thought
    • Participio pasado: thought


    • We think this is the best decision
    • Albert thinks this house is too big
    • I thought about it
    • The boys had thought it was a good idea

    44. Try / Tries – Intentar

    • Pasado simple: tried
    • Participio pasado: tried


    • We want to try to finish school earlier
    • Carlos tries really hard to keep his room clean
    • My sister tried to throw me a surprise party
    • He had tried to run him over

    45. Turn / Turns – Girar / Convertir

    • Pasado simple: turned
    • Participio pasado: turned


    • You have to turn right at the next corner
    • She turns into a mad person when she´s hungry
    • We turned around and left
    • They had turned away from the problem

    46. Use / Uses – Usar

    • Pasado simple: used
    • Participio pasado: used


    • We use only natural cleaners at home
    • Nancy uses high heels every day
    • I used your curling iron last night
    • My brother had used her car before

    47. Want / Wants – Querer

    • Pasado simple: wanted
    • Participio pasado: wanted


    • My kids want to have a pool
    • Eric wants a new TV
    • I wanted to go home
    • We had wanted to take the puppy right away

    48. Wait / Waits – Esperar

    • Pasado simple: waited
    • Participio pasado: waited


    • We just can´t wait to meet you
    • She waits to hear his voice
    • I waited for 15 minutes and then I left
    • He had waited too long for her

    49. Work / Works – Trabajar

    • Pasado simple: worked
    • Participio pasado: worked


    • I work 40 hours a week
    • Freddy works really hard on the weekends
    • She worked with me last year
    • They had worked together for many years

    50. Write / Writes – Escribir

    • Pasado simple: wrote
    • Participio pasado: written


    • We always write Christmas wishes
    • He writes children´s books
    • ina wrote her dad a letter
    • Sean said he had written several times

    Con esta lista de los verbos más usados en inglés puedes comenzar a tener comunicaciones efectivas. Además de mostrarte los verbos, hemos querido mostrarte diferentes tiempos verbales y cómo los verbos pueden o no cambiar dependiendo de estos así como ejemplos de su uso.

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