Palabras en Inglés con R

Cuando tomamos la decisión de aprender un nuevo idioma, es muy importante que sepamos que además de aprender la gramática o forma de escribir, aprender palabras para aumentar nuestro vocabulario es muy importante. Si lo que buscas es aprender nuevas palabras, no puedes perderte esta lista de palabras en inglés con R.


    Palabras en inglés con R

    Para que puedas comenzar o seguir aprendiendo nuevas palabras te ofrecemos esta lista de X palabras en inglés con R con su traducción al español y ejemplos de cómo puedes usarlas. De esta manera podrás aprender no solo la palabra sino también cómo se aplica a una oración en inglés.

    Palabras en inglés con R1. Radio – Radio

    • Dad turned on the radio and music started blasting
    • Marina is too young to know how to use an Fm radio

    2. Rain – Lluvia

    • He started dancing in the rain as we walked down the street
    • Albert got soaked in rain water trying to fix the roof

    3. Rare – Raro

    • The house was painted a very rare brown color
    • Alice bought a rare silver bracelet with emeralds

    4. Read – Leer

    • I told him he had to read more books and less comics
    • Lisa is learning to read

    5. Ready – Listo

    • My order wasn’t ready when I got to the store
    • I told him I’m not ready to get married yet

    6. Real – Real

    • I had a very real dream last night
    • Charles got Rachel a real diamond for their engagement

    7. Reason – Razón

    • My kids are the reason why I wake up every day
    • You have no reason to worry; everything is ok

    8. Recently – Recientemente

    • Sarah recently bought a new car
    • I’ve been working out more often recently

    9. Recipe – Receta

    • My mom gave me the recipe of her famous chocolate cake
    • I’m going to cook a new chicken recipe I found online

    10. Recommendation – Recomendación

    • My boss gave me a good recommendation for my promotion
    • Can you give me any good restaurant recommendation?

    11. Red – Rojo

    • She was wearing a very short red dress at the party
    • Dylan has a red pickup truck

    12. Reflection – Reflejos

    • Vincent was looking at his reflection at the car window
    • He says that your clothes are a reflection of your personality

    13. Refrigerator – Refrigerador

    • We wanted a bigger refrigerator for the new kitchen
    • His refrigerator broke exactly July 4th

    14. Regret – Arrepentimiento

    • I feel no regrets for quitting my last job
    • David is really regretting leaving Sandra

    15. Relationship – Relación

    • Fanny and Louis are now in a relationship
    • We only have a work relationship

    16. Relevant – Relevante

    • I don’t think that’s relevant information
    • Bach’s music is still very relevant nowadays

    17. Remember – Recordar

    • I can’t remember the last time I went to the beach
    • Nan no longer remembers the grandkids names

    18. Remove – Remover

    • They had to remove all of the tiles from both bathrooms
    • I usually don’t remove my makeup before going to bed

    19. Rent – Renta

    • Karla is not paying her rent
    • We rented a camper last week

    20. Repair – Reparar

    • We have to repair the entire roof before winter
    • The car broke down during the trip; a good man repaired it there on the interstate

    21. Repeat – Repetir

    • The girls are going to repeat the Christmas show on a new date
    • Her teacher asked her to repeat the homework

    22. Reputation – Reputación

    • She has a great reputation as a real estate agent
    • Gabe has a bad reputation in the neighborhood

    23. Resident – Residente

    • I’m a proud American resident since last year
    • Sophia is the new resident at the hospital

    24. Responsibility – Responsabilidad

    • Kids have to learn the importance of responsibility
    • You have the responsibility to pick up my sister from the airport

    25. Rest – Descanso

    • Kevin really needs a good night rest; he’s working too hard
    • We put grandpa to rest last week; it was really sad

    26. Restaurant – Restaurant

    • We went to a fantastic restaurant last night
    • Justin wants to work as a cook at a restaurant

    27. Results – Resultados

    • We got the results of the driving test yesterday and Sandy passed
    • I don’t see any good results from this business venture

    28. Return – Regresar

    • Dina has to return home before 11 pm
    • Our return flight got cancelled because of a snow storm

    29. Revenue – Ingresos

    • Kelly is getting very good revenue from her small Etsy business
    • The company lost revenue because of the 2020 pandemic

    30. Review – Revisión

    • Mike has to review Lilly’s homework every night
    • I read a very good review of your play on the newspaper

    31. Reward – Recompensa

    • Being nice to other will always bring a good reward
    • He won a reward after finding a lost dog

    32. Rice – Arroz

    • Rita really loves Chinese rice
    • We tried paella, a Spanish rice recipe. It was amazing!

    33. Rich – Rico (a)

    • John’s girlfriend is really rich
    • The cake has to be made with very rich, dark chocolate

    34. Right – Derecho / Correcto

    • Alyssa is right handed
    • Do you think that it was right to leave early?

    35. Risk – Riesgo

    • Moving was risk I had to take in order to be independent
    • That was a very risky move

    36. River – Río

    • They have a beautiful house near the river
    • The Amazon River is both amazing and mesmerizing

    37. Road – Camino / Calle

    • Lissette lives in Amarillo Road
    • We walked down a very slippery rocky road

    38. Rock – Roca

    • There was a very big rock in the middle of the road
    • The boys started throwing rocks at the lake

    39. Roof – Techo

    • The house has a very tall roof and I love it
    • Sam was up in the roof cleaning the gutters when he fell down

    40. Rough – Fuerte

    • Mia had a very rough day at school yesterday
    • Losing my beloved dog has been very rough

    41. Routine – Rutina

    • The kids and I have a very strict morning routine
    • Tana had to learn a whole new dance routine I just a few hours

    42. Round – Redondo / Ronda

    • Victoria has a very expensive round crystal plate
    • The man lost the fight in round two

    43. Room – Habitación / Espacio

    • My bed does not fit in this small room
    • There is no room for my dogs in this beach house

    44. Rule – Regla

    • You have to set a rule so your kids stop ignoring their chores
    • He had a very funny rule about drinking in his home

    45. Run – Correr

    • Alex had to run to catch the school bus this morning
    • I was going to run las Saturday but I was too tired

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    Con esta lista de 45 palabras en inglés con R, aumentar tu vocabulario será mucho más sencillo porque además de brindarte las traducciones, los ejemplos que ponemos a tu disposición te ayudarán a comprender cómo puedes usarlas en la correcta construcción de oraciones.

    Solo tienes que estudiar estas palabras en inglés con R y comenzar a usarlas en tus oraciones para aprenderlas fácilmente.

    Comparte esta lección. Gracias!

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