50 Palabras en inglés con S

Aprender vocabulario nuevo es uno de los pasos más importantes que debemos tomar cuando se trata de aprender inglés o cualquier otro idioma. Por eso, para ayudarte a mejorar tu vocabulario te mostraremos una importante lista de útiles palabras en inglés con S con su traducción y algunos ejemplos de uso.


    palabras en inglés con sPalabras en inglés con S

    A continuación te mostraremos una lista de 50 palabras en inglés con s con su traducción al español así como unas oraciones que muestran cómo se pueden usar:

    1. Sad – Triste

    • I’m very sad because my cat ran away
    • Why are you so sad today?

    2. Salary – Salario

    • I’m waiting for my salary check
    • How much is your weekly salary?

    3. Schedule – Calendario

    • I have a very narrow work schedule
    • He has to schedule the meeting for next week

    4. Science – Ciencia

    • Alex is in science class until 5
    • Do you like studying science?

    5. Sea – Mar

    • John is working in a ship; he’ll be at sea until next month
    • I really enjoy watching the sea

    6. Secret - Secreto

    • Let me tell you a secret…
    • We are having a secret love affair

    7. Seek – Buscar

    • She should seek medical attention
    • Do you want to play hide and seek?

    8. Several – Varios / Varias

    • I have several pairs of snickers
    • He gave several examples in class

    9. Shelter – Refugio

    • Dana works in an animal shelter
    • Everybody needs to be shelter during the storm

    10. Shape – Forma

    • What shape is this table?
    • You are in a very good shape

    11. Shirt – Camisa

    • That’s a very cute shirt!
    • I just bought a new shirt

    12. Shoe/shoes – Zapato/Zapatos

    • I need to buy a new pair of running shoes
    • His right shoe got stuck in the mud

    13. Shoulder – Hombro

    • We work shoulder to shoulder to start our company
    • He hurt his shoulder in his work last week

    14. Sick – Enfermo/Enferma

    • She woke up very sick this morning
    • I got sick in our trip to Portugal

    15. Silly – Tonto

    • Will is being so silly today
    • I did a silly thing and he laughed so hard

    16. Silver – Plata/Plateado

    • I bought a pair of silver earrings
    • His car is a silver mustang

    17. Signature – Firma

    • Gaby needs your signature to go to the school trip
    • Daniel is doing his signature dance step

    18. Single – Soltero/Solo

    • Anthony is single now
    • I haven’t found a single house I like

    19. Sister – Hermana

    • Hannah is Becky’s sister
    • You are like a sister to me

    20. Size – Talla/Tamaño

    • What’s your shoe size?
    • The pool was the size of 2 football fields

    21. Slow – Lento/Lenta

    • You need to slow down, we’re going too fast
    • Sandra walks very slowly

    22. Small – Pequeño

    • Diana has a small apartment
    • Carlos then gave me a small box, and then asked me to marry him

    23. Smart – Inteligente

    • Joshua is such a smart kid!
    • Buying a new car was a very smart decision

    24. Smile – Sonrisa

    • André has a very beautiful smile
    • I smile every time I see him

    25. Soft – Suave

    • I bought a very soft cushion
    • She speaks with a very soft tone

    26. Sometimes – Algunas veces

    • Sometimes I get sad when it rains
    • He rides his bike to work sometimes

    27. Song – Canción

    • I really like that song
    • Ben wrote a very beautiful song for his mom

    28. South – Sur

    • He lives in South Dakota
    • Andy lives south of the park

    29. Soon – Pronto

    • We will see each other very soon
    • Are you coming home soon?

    30. Speak – Hablar

    • Do you speak English?
    • Yes, I speak English and French

    31. Specific – Específico

    • Could you be more specific?
    • He did a very specific type of science project

    32. Speed – Velocidad

    • He was going at a very high speed
    • At what speed should the mixer go to make the cake mix?

    33. Spring – Primavera

    • I’m happy that spring is coming
    • They are getting married this next spring

    34. State – Estado

    • We traveled the entire state looking for a new place to live
    • She was in a very bad state of mind that night

    35. Step – Paso

    • Alyssa learned a new dance step yesterday
    • You have to follow the recipe step by step

    36. Strange – Extraño

    • Everything was very strange that day
    • There was a strange odor coming from the kitchen, so we left

    37. Street – Calle

    • She lives in Appleton Street
    • Watch out when you’re crossing the street

    38. Strength – Fuerza

    • He has so much strength he broke a door just closing it
    • You need a lot of emotional strength to go thru this

    39. Suddenly – De pronto

    • We were outside and suddenly it started raining
    • And then he suddenly stands up and starts singing

    40. Sugar – Azúcar

    • How much sugar in your coffee?
    • I needed to buy sugar so I went to the supermarket

    41. Silence – Silencio

    • I just needed a little bit of silence to concentrate
    • Silence everyone!

    42. Sky – Cielo

    • This is the bluest sky I’ve ever seen
    • When I looked at the sky there was the brightest moon of the year

    43. Sleep – Dormir

    • Are you going to sleep at your sister’s?
    • I need to sleep more hours because I’m always tired

    44. Son – Hijo

    • Dylan is Adrian’s oldest son
    • My son loves playing with sand

    45. Sound – Sonido

    • The sound of his voice makes me smile
    • There was a loud sound that woke me up in the middle of the night

    46. Spoon – Cuchara/Cucharilla

    • You have to add a table spoon of butter to the mix
    • The baby used a spoon for the first time today

    47. Square – Cuadrado/ Plaza

    • I was in Halifax square when he called me
    • He bought a square cake for Brian’s birthday

    48. Stairs – Escaleras

    • Jonah’s bedroom is in the second floor right up the stairs
    • Alice fell down the stairs last week

    49. Store – Tienda

    • Do you need anything from the grocery store?
    • There is a new store near our house

    50. Summer – Verano

    • I love going to the beach in the summer
    • Where are you guys going next summer?

    Como puedes ver, esta lista contiene 50 palabras en inglés con S que te ayudarán a aumentar tu vocabulario lo que a su vez hará que puedas formar muchas más oraciones.

    Estas palabras en inglés con s serán de gran ayuda para que tu léxico mejore y al aprenderlas, tu capacidad de sostener conversaciones y escribir oraciones que tengan significado aumentará. De esta manera, podrás lograr aprender palabras nuevas.

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