Palabras en Inglés con B

Las listas de palabras ordenadas de manera alfabética son un extraordinario recurso para ayudar a los estudiantes a aprender nuevos vocablos en un idioma que es nuevo para ellos. En este artículo te mostraremos una lista de palabras en inglés con B que puede resultar de gran ayuda.


    80 Palabras en inglés con B

    Palabras en Inglés con B

    Estudiando cuidadosamente este tipo de listas como la que presentamos a continuación, tendrás la oportunidad de aprender nuevas palabras. Esto puede hacer una gran diferencia en el avance del aprendizaje y en consecuencia, en el nivel de fluidez que se puede alcanzar en este nuevo idioma.

    En la lista a continuación podrás ver que cada una de estas palabras se muestra junto a su traducción al español. Además de esto, se brindan algunos ejemplos de oraciones que muestran la manera correcta en la que cada una de estas palabras puede ser usada en un contexto real en oraciones funcionales que cumplan su cometido de comunicación.

    1. Baby – Bebé

    • The baby woke up three times in the middle of the night
    • Natalie is living in Dallas and now has a beautiful baby

    2. Bachelor – Soltero

    • Marcus wants to be a bachelor forever
    • Giorgio is the most wanted bachelor in town

    3. Bachelorette – Soltera

    • She can´t be a bachelorette forever
    • Yesterday we went to Madison´s bachelorette party

    4. Back – Espalda / Detrás

    • He´s had some terrible back pain this week
    • Our dining room is at the back of the house

    5. Backward – Hacia atrás

    • She is counting the days backwards to the party
    • Harry fell backward into the pool

    6. Bad – Malo

    • The situation turned bad very fast
    • The electricity went out. That´s bad!

    7. Badly – Mucho

    • Olivia wanted that trip so badly
    • The boys were behaving very badly at the park

    8. Bag – Bolsa / Bolso

    • I thought I had lost my keys but they were actually inside my bag
    • The grocery bag was so heavy I almost couldn’t carry it

    9. Baggage – Equipaje

    • Cassidy always travels with an insane amount of baggage
    • He has a lot of emotional baggage to deal with

    10. Bake – Hornear

    • My daughter and I love to bake
    • Rena wanted to bake her own birthday cake

    11. Balance – Balance

    • I really need to find a balance between my work and my family
    • Many lost his balance and fell face down to the floor

    12. Ball – Pelota

    • My dog loves playing ball at the dog park
    • Conan was buying some new tennis balls

    13. Bandage – Vendaje

    • Paula keeps ripping of her bandage
    • When Oscar fell he bumped his head so they had to bandage it

    14. Bank – Banco

    • Tomorrow I have to go to the bank
    • Ernest is now working at a bank

    15. Bankruptcy – Bancarrota

    • The Carsons had to declare bankruptcy
    • His medical bills are so high he is starting to fear bankruptcy

    16. Bar – Bar

    • I met my husband when he started working at my bar
    • They have a big bar in their basement

    17. Barber – Barbero

    • Christian is working as a barber in Miami
    • Benny really needs to get a barber. His hair is just too long

    18. Barn – Granero

    • Every farm must have a barn
    • They decided to build a house that looks like a barn

    19. Barrier – Barrera

    • The language barrier between them proved to be too much
    • I want to visit Australia´s coral barrier next summer

    20. Basically – Básicamente

    • He basically told her that he was not moving to another state
    • Basically, she is just too lazy

    21. Basket – Cesta

    • Jim came home with a basket full of apples from the farm
    • My laundry basket is about to spill out

    22. Bath – Baño

    • My daughter loves taking a bath in her new tub
    • Ronald prefers to shower but I have always prefer a hot bath

    23. Bathroom – Sala de baño

    • One bathroom isn´t enough for a family of three
    • We remodeled our bathroom last year

    24. Batter – Masa

    • If you want an airy cake, you should have a soft batter
    • She poured the batter in the mold but forgot to turn the oven on

    25. Battery – Batería

    • My car just won´t start. I think the battery is dead
    • Logan had to buy a new battery for his cellphone

    26. Battle – Batalla

    • They have a battle in court for the kids’ custody
    • Brian wanted to visit the battle field to see the canons

    27. Beach –Playa

    • Beatrice has a beautiful house at the beach
    • We needed a trip to the beach

    28. Bear – Oso

    • Brandon says he saw a bear in the mountains
    • Anne got a gigantic bear tattoo in her back

    29. Beard – Barba

    • How much longer are you going to let that beard get?
    • Her fiancé is tall, white and has a mushy beard

    30. Beautiful – Bello / Hermoso

    • Chloe has the most beautiful blue eyes I´ve seen
    • Their house is very big and beautiful

    31. Beauty – Belleza

    • Trisha has a natural beauty
    • Beauty is the eyes of the beholder

    32. Because – Porque

    • You can´t go to the party because I say so!
    • She wanted to wear red because that´s her boyfriend´s favorite color

    33. Become – Convertirse

    • Melissa wants to become a kindergarten teacher
    • I don´t want our difference of opinions to become a bigger issue

    34. Bed – Cama

    • Yesterday I went to bed very late
    • Kiana needs a new bed. One for a big girl

    35. Before – Antes

    • Before you go, could you take the trash out?
    • I lived in Italy before moving to the United States

    36. Beg – Mendigar

    • The man started to beg for her forgiveness
    • I don´t want to have to beg for your attention

    37. Beginning – Comienzo

    • At the beginning of their relationship they lived with us
    • This is the beginning of a new chapter in your life

    38. Behalf – A favor

    • In behalf of our foundation we thank all of your donations
    • She came and talk to me in behalf of her brother

    39. Behavior – Comportamiento

    • The children were showing their best behavior during music class
    • He has to change his behavior if he wants to come home again

    40. Behind – Detrás

    • The woman behind me in line was very annoying
    • My cat was hiding behind the curtain

    41. Believe – Creer

    • Karen can´t believe her luck
    • He said he doesn´t believe in God

    42. Belong – Pertenece

    • Dustin feels like he doesn´t belong here
    • Please take this to where it belongs!

    43. Below – Bajo

    • Temperature yesterday got to 5 below zero
    • The guy in the apartment below us is very nice

    44. Belt – Cinturón

    • Owen is black belt in karate
    • That dress would look better with a red belt

    45. Bend – Doblar / Agacharse

    • I need to do some physiotherapy. I can hardly bend my knees
    • You have to bend the cardboard to make it fit there

    46. Beneath – Debajo

    • We visited the catacombs beneath Rome
    • Beneath all those layers of flooring they found asbestos

    47. Benefit – Beneficio

    • This plants would benefit from direct sun
    • She stands to benefit more than others

    48. Beside – Junto a / Además de

    • The woman beside me was very loud
    • Besides Eric´s talent, he is a very good student

    49. Best – Mejor

    • Selma has always thought her dad is the best in the world
    • He only wants to have the best of the best all the time

    50. Better – Mejor

    • She promised she would become a better person
    • I´m a better baker than cook

    51. Between – Entre

    • Between you and me, I really like Ian a lot
    • She was sitting between Louise and Albert

    52. Beyond – Más allá

    • Kai has a knowledge beyond his age
    • Remember not to go beyond the fence

    53. Bill – Cuenta / Factura

    • Our electric bill has gone to the roof
    • Let´s go to dinner, the bill is on me

    54. Bird – Ave

    • Austin is going bird watching to the Amazon
    • Kathy got the tattoo of a bird

    55. Birth – Nacimiento

    • I can´t remember his date of birth
    • Eve gave birth yesterday at home

    56. Bite – Mordida

    • Can I take a bite of that cupcake?
    • Patty got a nasty bite from her sister´s dog

    57. Black – Negro

    • Women should always have a black dress in their closet
    • Black cats don´t bring bad luck

    58. Blame – Culpa

    • No one is to blame for the accident
    • Why do you always blame me?

    59. Blind – Ciego

    • Amanda seems blind to the reality of the situation
    • Layla´s boyfriend is blind

    60. Blood- Sangre

    • Adrian cut himself with a knife and there was blood everywhere
    • They were raised like sister even when they are not blood related

    61. Blue – Azul

    • That day the sky was blue and the weather perfect for a picnic
    • He gave me the blue handbag I wanted

    62. Boat – Bote

    • Daniel bought a boat
    • We need to fix the boat before our next trip

    63. Body – Cuerpo

    • Frank wants to get into body building
    • The woman was tall and had an athletic type body

    64. Bone – Hueso

    • Astrid broke her shoulder bone
    • My dog loves his new bone

    65. Book – Libro

    • This is a fantastic place to read a book
    • Trevor is now writing a book

    66. Bored – Aburrido

    • Why do teenagers always look so bored?
    • I was very bored at that party

    67. Boss – Jefe

    • My boss is fantastic
    • She wants to be her own boss

    68. Both – Ambos

    • Both my kids are basketball players
    • We keep both cars inside the garage at all time

    69. Bottle – Botella

    • Walter always has a water bottle in his truck
    • He opened a bottle of wine and we sat at the kitchen table

    70. Brain – Cerebro

    • I feel my brain about to explode
    • I think there is something wrong with his brain

    71. Brave – Valiente

    • Vicky is a very brave woman
    • You have to be brave to withstand this

    72. Breakfast – Desayuno

    • Let´s meet for breakfast tomorrow
    • Tom loves oatmeal for breakfast

    73. Breath – Respiración

    • She felt his breath in her neck
    • He was gasping for breath

    74. Bright – Brillante / Luminoso

    • She saw the bright lights of the car´s headlights
    • That little girl is very bright and bubbly

    75. Brilliant – Brillante

    • Franklin is a brilliant performer
    • That idea was simply brilliant

    76. Broken – Roto

    • His arm was broken in three places
    • He went in thru the broken window

    77. Brother – Hermano

    • Mike has two sisters and a brother
    • I love George like a brother

    78. Bruise – Hematoma

    • She showed up with a bruise on her face
    • Candace fell down and has a big bruise in her leg

    79. Business – Negocio

    • Victor is starting in the used car business
    • I buy my coffee at a business near my house

    80. Butcher – Carnicero

    • My father in law was a butcher for forty years
    • That surgeon is a butcher

    Estudiando una a una y con calma cada uno de estos vocablos podrás hacer una gran adición a tu vocabulario. Estas palabras en inglés con B te ayudarán a mejorar tu nivel de comprensión y capacidad para comunicarte.

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