Palabras en Inglés con C

Una de las metas de cualquier persona que inicia el estudio de un nuevo idioma debe ser tener el vocabulario más amplio posible. Esto no solo ayuda a aumentar el nivel sino que le da la oportunidad de entender e interpretar todo lo que lee o escucha. Para que logres esto, hemos organizado una lista de palabras en inglés con C para que estudies.


    80 Palabras en inglés con C

    Palabras en Inglés con C

    Con el ánimo de ayudar a todos aquellos que están en la búsqueda de un mayor nivel en su comunicación en inglés, hemos preparado esta genial lista de palabras en inglés con C que contiene 80 vocablos.

    A continuación, además de ver cada palabra en inglés, podrás ver su traducción al español y algunas oraciones que servirán de ejemplo acerca del uso correcto que se les debe dar en la construcción de oraciones que tengan sentido.

    1. Cage – Jaula

    • Lindsay has a cage filled with canaries
    • We need to buy a new rabbit cage

    2. Cake – Torta / Pastel

    • Rhonda wants to bake a chocolate cake
    • Do you know how to bake a cake?

    3. Calendar – Calendario

    • I already marked the day in the calendar
    • Ron needs to start using a calendar

    4. Call – Llamar / Llamada

    • That was a waking call for me
    • You need to call your mother

    5. Calm – Calma

    • Everything is so calm when the kids aren´t home
    • When I´m with him I feel a sense of calm and tranquility

    6. Camera – Cámara

    • Brandon wants to sell his video camera
    • She installed a security camera at her entrance

    7. Camp – Campamento / Acampar

    • This is the perfect spot to set the camp
    • Adam loves to camp at the mountain

    8. Cancel – Cancelar

    • We had to cancel our cable subscription
    • Why did you cancel our date?

    9. Candy – Dulce / Golosina

    • Everything Kristen wants to eat is candy all day long
    • We took the kids to a candy store

    10. Capable – Capaz

    • Justin is a very capable young man
    • Are you capable of doing that?

    11. Capacity – Capacidad

    • The factory is working at full capacity
    • I don´t know if she has the capacity to handle that responsibility

    12. Captain – Capitán

    • Everyone is the captain of its own ship
    • At the cruise we had dinner with the captain

    13. Car – Carro / Coche

    • Helen wants to buy a bigger car
    • My car isn´t working properly

    14. Card – Tarjeta

    • The bank sent me a new credit card
    • My mom sent me a birthday card

    15. Care – Cuidado / Cuidar

    • Uncle Olson needs 24 hour care
    • Take care of your little sister while I´m out

    16. Career – Carrera

    • Freddy in going to choose a career in engineering
    • Her career as a doctor lasted for 40 years

    17. Careful – Cuidadoso

    • Be careful with that box; is full of glasses
    • She has to be more careful with her words

    18. Careless – Descuidado

    • Adison has a very careless attitude
    • You can´t be that careless when driving

    19. Carpenter – Carpintero

    • My grandfather was a superb carpenter
    • She is a carpenter by hobby

    20. Carpet – Alfombra

    • Don´t forget to vacuum the carpet
    • She had a new carpet installed at her apartment

    21. Carrot – Zanahoria

    • Billy loves eating his carrots
    • I learned to bake a delicious carrot cake

    22. Carry – Llevar

    • I need help to carry all this bags into the house
    • Why did you have to carry all that weight on your own?

    23. Cash – Efectivo

    • The guy wants me to pay cash
    • Nobody carries that amount of cash these days

    24. Castle – Castillo

    • We bought Samantha a toy castle and she loved it
    • We visited 8 castles in our last trip to Europe

    25. Cat – Gato

    • Liam rescued yet another cat
    • Our black cat is called Daisy

    26. Catch – Capturar

    • I really don´t want to catch the flue
    • Edward is playing catch with our dog

    27. Cause – Causa / Causar

    • He said he doesn´t want to cause any more damage
    • What is the cause of your absence?

    28. Ceiling – Techo

    • There was water coming out of the ceiling
    • The ceilings in that house were very high

    29. Celebrate – Celebrar

    • We have to celebrate your graduation!
    • There is nothing to celebrate

    30. Celebration – Celebración

    • Tonya is having a graduation celebration
    • This Christmas celebration has been the best in years

    31. Ceremony – Ceremonia

    • Betty´s graduation ceremony was beautiful
    • They are having their wedding ceremony at the beach

    32. Certainly – Ciertamente

    • Certainly he was not feeling responsible for the incident
    • She was certainly acting very weird

    33. Chair – Silla

    • We bought them a high chair for the baby
    • Peter broke a chair by standing on it to change a bulb

    34. Challenge – Reto / Retar

    • Getting everything done in such a short time was a challenge
    • I challenge you to paint a masterpiece

    35. Champion – Campeón

    • Luke ended up champion in the race
    • Patty is a two time world champion weight lifter

    36. Chance – Oportunidad

    • She needs to take a chance to relax
    • If I compete with Elle I won´t have a chance

    37. Change – Cambio / Cambiar

    • Sometimes we need to make a change to improve our lives
    • The bride had a change of dress for the wedding reception

    38. Chapter – Capítulo

    • She´s starting a new chapter of her life
    • I´m reading the last chapter of this book

    39. Character – Carácter / Personaje

    • Eddie´s dad is a larger-than-life character
    • The witch is my favorite character of that movie

    40. Characteristic – Característica

    • Barns are characteristic of farms
    • It´s characteristic of her to be late every time

    41. Charity – Cardidad

    • Joanna is working with a charity for kids
    • The proceeds of this show will go to charity

    42. Charming – Encantador

    • We met Lisa´s boyfriend and he is really charming
    • The cabin was small, cut and charming

    43. Chat – Conversar / Conversación

    • William and I had a chat about the future
    • Wendy loves to chat with her friends over the phone

    44. Cheap – Barato

    • This dress was very cheap
    • The prices at the restaurant were cheap and the food was delicious

    45. Cheat – Engañar

    • Don´t cheat at the card game like last time
    • She told him he was a liar and a cheap

    46. Check – Chequear / Cheque

    • Can I pay that with a check?
    • I need you to check on the kids later

    47. Cheerful – Alegre

    • Marc is always cheerful
    • She was wearing a cheerful colored shirt

    48. Cheese – Queso

    • Rowland likes his pizza with double cheese
    • Kira is allergic to cheese

    49. Chest – Pecho / Cofre

    • He was having some chest pain so we took him to the hospital
    • Sharon has a beautiful wooden chest her dad made her

    50. Chicken – Pollo

    • I´m tired of eating chicken all the time
    • Austin is making a delicious fried chicken

    51. Child – Niño / Niña

    • Brien was behaving like a child that day
    • She has too much to worry about to have a another child

    52. Children – Niños

    • How many children are in your class?
    • There were a lot of children at the park yesterday

    53. Chocolate – Chocolate

    • I´m craving a chocolate milkshake
    • Gaby loves baking chocolate chip cookies

    54. Choice – Opción

    • Tina had to go. She didn´t have a choice
    • We are trying to make the best choice for us

    55. Choose – Elegir

    • You´ll have to choose wisely
    • Why did you choose that wall paper?

    56. Clean – Limpio / Limpiar

    • This house is very clean
    • Remember you have to clean your room before going out

    57. Clear – Claro / Despejar

    • The sky was clear and the weather perfect
    • You need to clear the space before painting the walls

    58. Clever – Astuto

    • She seems to be a very clever woman
    • That was a clever decision to make

    59. Clock – Reloj

    • She gave me a fantastic wall clock
    • We were running against the clock

    60. Close – Cerrar / Cerca

    • Tucker had to close his business
    • He was getting to close to me and I felt uncomfortable

    61. Clothes – Ropa

    • I told Sarah she had too much clothes and little space
    • I´m donating all of this clothes

    62. Coffee – Café

    • She can´t get out of the house without drinking a cup of coffee
    • How do you like your coffee?

    63. Cold – Frío

    • The weather is getting very cold at night
    • He was acting very cold and distant

    64. Color – Color / Colorear

    • Turquoise is such a bright a beautiful color
    • Do you want to color this butterfly?

    65. Comfortable – Cómodo

    • This new couch is very comfortable
    • I don´t feel comfortable with this situation

    66. Communication – Comunicación

    • If we want this to work, we need to have a better communication
    • Dianne is working to improve her communication skills

    67. Compare – Comparar

    • No one wants to be compared with somebody else
    • Compare prizes and choose the one that fits your budget better

    68. Complain – Quejarse

    • She does not complain even though she is in a lot of pain
    • Troy began to complain about their marriage

    69. Complicated – Complicado

    • It is a very complicated job
    • She was already sick but things got complicated when she got pneumonia

    70. Concentrate – Concentrarse

    • You have to concentrate and finish your homework
    • Priscila couldn´t concentrate in class today

    71. Constantly – Constantemente

    • Paula is constantly talking during class
    • He is constantly complaining about everything

    72. Contact – Contacto

    • Have you been in contact with Henry lately?
    • I have to contact the contractor

    73. Conversation – Conversación

    • They need to have a serious conversation
    • A good conversation with a friend is always needed

    74. Cook – Cocinar / Cocinero

    • Oliver is learning to cook
    • Barbra is studying to become a professional cook

    75. Couple – Pareja / Par

    • Roman and Alexa make a beautiful couple
    • I have to buy a couple of things at the drugstore

    76. Cousin – Primo

    • My cousin Nile came to visit
    • She now has a little cousin to play with

    77. Crazy – Loco

    • He went crazy and threw the glass to the floor
    • She is nice but kind of crazy

    78. Create – Crear

    • They want to create a better home for their children
    • I want you to create a new masterpiece

    79. Curiosity – Curiosidad

    • Curiosity killed the cat
    • She did it out of curiosity

    80. Cut – Cortar

    • Maddie cut herself with a piece of glass
    • He didn´t want to cut his long hair

    No hay excusa ahora para no aprender nuevas palabras en inglés con C, especialmente luego de todo lo que esta selección te ofrece. Aprende las traducciones y usos de cada palabra y aumenta tu nivel en inglés.

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