Palabras en Inglés con D

Si tu meta al estudiar un nuevo idioma es tener el mayor nivel posible entonces aumentar tu vocabulario debe ser parte de lo que trabajes. Una buena idea a la hora de lograr esto es estudiar palabras nuevas y aprender cómo usarlas en una comunicación real. Es por esto que hemos creado esta lista de palabras en inglés con D.

Al estudiar estas palabras podrás tener mayores recursos para expresarte tanto de manera oral como escrita y aumentará tu comprensión del lenguaje hablado y escrito.


    55 Palabras en inglés con D

    Palabras en Inglés con D

    A continuación encontrarás una lista que reúne 55 palabras en inglés con D que puedes estudiar. Puedes verlas junto a su traducción al español así como con ejemplos que muestran su uso dentro de una oración.

    Si comienzas a estudiar estas palabras en inglés con D con el tiempo podrás añadirlas a tu vocabulario, esto mejorará tu nivel de comprensión lectora y tus habilidades de escritura.

    1. Daily – Diario

    • Alison washes her hair daily
    • Running has become a part of my daily routine

    2. Damage – Daño

    • Don´t buy hat car, it has a lot of damage
    • The damage caused by the storm in the school was terrible

    3. Dance – Danza / Bailar

    • Tiffany has always wanted to get dance lessons
    • David is learning how to dance

    4. Danger – Peligro

    • There was a danger sign right at the door
    • She felt in immediate danger

    5. Dangerous – Peligroso

    • Construction can be a very dangerous job
    • Don´t climb up there. It can be dangerous

    6. Dark – Oscuro

    • The house was big but it was very dark
    • Jenny was wearing a dark blue dress

    7. Date – Fecha

    • We haven´t set the wedding date yet
    • What date is today?

    8. Daughter – Hija

    • Ruth is Robert´s older daughter
    • My daughter is going to college next year

    9. Dawn – Amanecer

    • We spent the night together and talked until dawn
    • If you want to get there on time you have to hit the road at dawn

    10. Day – Día

    • What day is today?
    • I can´t remember exactly what happened that day

    11. Dead –Muerto

    • The Egyptian Book of the Dead talks about the after life
    • She called to tell him his father was dead

    12. Deaf – Sordo / Sorda

    • Susan works at a school for the deaf
    • Vincent in definitely tone deaf

    13. Deal – Trato

    • Buying that car was a very great deal
    • Are willing to make a deal?

    14. Dear – Querida / Querido

    • Brittany is a very dear friend of mine
    • His dear cousin Andrew came to visit him last week

    15. Debt – Deuda

    • Matthew has a very large debt to pay the bank
    • She doesn´t want to get into a bigger debt she could not handle

    16. Decade – Década

    • Fashion has changed a lot in the last decade
    • She bought a car that is a decade old

    17. Decide – Decidir

    • Richard has to decide what college to attend to
    • Have you decided whether to move or not?

    18. Decision – Desición

    • You have seen 3 houses already. Now you have to make a decision
    • The decisions you make have a big impact on your life

    19. Declared – Declaró

    • I cried when the priest declared them husband and wife
    • She failed to declare her taxes

    20. Decorate – Decorar

    • Would you help me decorate the baby´s room?
    • Herman wanted to decorate the living room with the ugliest furniture ever

    21- Deep – Profundo

    • Her prom dress was deep purple and short
    • The ocean was so deep I got scared to swim

    22. Define – Definir

    • They have to define a budget for the new house
    • How do you define your financial situation?

    23. Definition – Definición

    • The guy didn´t know the definition of tax deduction
    • She is working hard to get a better muscle definition in her legs

    24. Delicate – Delicado

    • Life is a delicate balance of good and bad
    • She chose this pink roses for their delicate aroma

    25. Delicious – Delicioso

    • He cooked the most delicious pasta I´ve ever tasted
    • This cupcake is simply delicious!

    26. Dentist – Dentista

    • I had to take Danna to the dentist yesterdayGabriel is studying to become a dentist

    27. Deny – Negar

    • You can´t deny you know her; I´ve seen you together
    • I can´t deny the fact that she is good in what she does

    28. Depth – Profundidad

    • Have you seen the depth of that pool?When she writes she shows the depth of her sensibility

    29. Description – Descripción

    • Can you give a description of the car you saw?
    • His description included a suitcase and dark glasses

    30. Deserve – Merecer

    • My kids deserve the best of everything
    • I really think you deserve to take some days off

    31. Desk – Escritorio

    • We bought a new desk for the office
    • They have some kind of weird desk right at the kitchen

    32. Despite – A pesar de

    • He wanted to keep running despite his injury
    • Despite his young age, she already has a house of her own

    33. Diary – Diario

    • Melany has kept a diary for the past four years
    • He has to keep a diary to be able to remember all of his appointments

    34. Diet – Dieta

    • Logan has to follow a new diet from now on
    • Georgia said she was starting a new vegetarian diet

    35. Difference – Diferencia

    • There is a big difference in price between gold and platinum
    • If you want to; you make a difference in your community

    36. Difficult – Difícil

    • Physics is a very difficult science to learn
    • I found it difficult to manage my business and the house at the same time

    37. Dinner – Cena

    • Tim wants to buy a bigger dinner table
    • We were having dinner when she called

    38. Disagree – Disentir

    • She says Pepsi is better and I can´t disagree more. I prefer Coca Cola
    • You can disagree with me but we shouldn´t have a fight over that

    39. Disappear – Desaparecer

    • Keys don´t just disappear someone loses them
    • He said he just wanted to disappear for a while

    40. Disappointment – Decepción

    • When Sandra left school it was a great disappointment for us
    • It would be a disappointment if we don´t get the house we want

    41. Disaster – Desastre

    • We can´t control what happens in a natural disaster
    • The room was an absolute disaster!

    42. Discipline – Disciplina

    • It takes a lot of discipline to dance ballet
    • Karate is a fantastic discipline to practice

    43. Discover – Descubrir

    • Could you discover the truth?
    • I discovered he was having an affair

    44. Discussion – Discusión

    • Tamara and Luis were having a discussion when I got there
    • We have to have a serious discussion about Karla´s birthday

    45. Disease – Enfermedad

    • Lupus is a very serious and debilitating disease
    • She was diagnosed with a very rare skin disease

    46. Dish – Platillo / Plato

    • To serve salad you must use a smaller dish
    • The chef cooked us a delicious Asian dish

    47. Dishonest – Deshonesto

    • The seller turned out to be very dishonestShe was giving her boss dishonest information

    48. Dislike – Disgusto

    • Wanda couldn´t hide her dislike for the man
    • I dislike cold weather

    49. Dispute – Disputa

    • They were having a big dispute over the position of a fence
    • The boys got into a dispute over some shoes

    50. Distance –Distancia

    • I saw a red car at a distance
    • Julia wants to distance herself from that situation

    51. Divorce – Divorcio

    • Trina called me to tell me she and Joe are getting a divorce
    • Gina was signing the divorce papers

    52. Doll – Muñeca

    • Grandma gave her a collectable porcelain doll
    • All she wants for her birthday is a doll

    53. Domineering – Dominante

    • My father had a very domineering character
    • Al is too domineering with his kids

    54. Doubt – Duda

    • Without a shadow of a doubt, he´s your son
    • I doubt she can do this on her own

    55. Down – Abajo

    • To fix the boilers you must go down to the basement
    • You have to sit down to be able to have your slice of pizza

    Para lograr una mejor comunicación no hay nada mejor que tener un amplio vocabulario. Esto nos permite saber cómo decir aquello que deseamos expresar. Estudiar esta lista de palabras en inglés con D puede ser una manera perfecta de aprender nuevas palabras.

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