Palabras en Inglés con F

Tener buen vocabulario significa conocer una amplia cantidad de palabras y eso es una parte esencial de lograr un nivel más alto a la hora de aprender un nuevo idioma. Con la idea de ayudarte a alcanzar esta meta, traemos para ti estas palabras en inglés con F.

Para las personas que están deseosas de aprender nuevas palabras, tener listas por orden alfabético para poder estudiar puede ser una excelente idea. Cuando tenemos listas como la que te presentamos a continuación, estudiar palabras se hace mucho más sencillo.


    60 Palabras en inglés con F

    Palabras en Inglés con F

    Como verás a continuación, hemos organizado una lista muy completa de palabras en inglés con F que cuentan con su traducción al español así como oraciones que nos ejemplifican el uso correcto de cada una de ellas.

    La estrategia de estudiar una a una estas palabras, su significado en nuestro idioma natal y cómo se incluyen en una oración, es una excelente forma de aumentar nuestro vocabulario en un nuevo idioma. Además de esto, este conocimiento extra nos permitirá expresar exactamente aquello que queremos de la manera correcta.

    1. Fabric – Tela

    • The fabric of the dress was very beautiful and shiny
    • She wanted to buy new fabric to upholster her couch

    2. Face – Rostro / Cara

    • When he talked, she turned her face to see him and just felt in love
    • They had a fight and Richard ended up hitting the other guy in the face

    3. Factory – Fábrica

    • Leann works at a shoe factory
    • Kathy has become a real baby factory

    4. Fail – Falla

    • Our project was a total fail
    • Did you fail the exam?

    5. Faint – Desmayarse

    • It´s so hot here that I´m about to faint
    • He heard the faint murmur of their voices

    6. Faith – Fe

    • Her faith is unbreakable
    • I have a lot of faith in you

    7. Fake – Falso / Fingir

    • He gave me a fake watch for my birthday
    • You can´t fake real emotions

    8. Fall – Otoño / Caer

    • I would love to have a fall wedding
    • He was so drunk I thought her was going to fall down

    9. False – Falso

    • That statement is false
    • She made a false accusation against him

    10. Fame – Fama

    • The race for fame is a very difficult one
    • He got his fame playing his guitar for famous singers

    11. Family – Familia

    • My son´s friends are part of our family
    • The Harrisons are such a big family

    12. Famous – Famoso / Famosa

    • Barbra Streisand is a famous singer
    • He wanted to become a famous basketball player

    13. Far – Lejos

    • Mae is very smart. I know she will get far
    • The house is very far away from where we are now

    14. Farm – Granja

    • In the farm they have cows, sheep and pigs
    • I have always dreamed of having a rescue farm

    15. Farmer – Granjero

    • Trevor is a fantastic farmer
    • Angie loves buying at the farmer´s market

    16. Fashion – Moda

    • Lesly doesn´t have a good sense of fashion
    • Fashion changes very fast this days

    17. Fast – Rápido

    • My niece is growing up very fast
    • The accident happened because the man was driving too fast

    18. Fat – Gordo / Grasa

    • He hurt her feelings when he called her fat
    • That piece of meat has a lot of fat

    19. Fate – Destino

    • Thankfully she didn´t suffer the same fate as the driver
    • Each one of us is the master of its fate

    20. Father – Padre

    • Stefanie finally was able to meet her biological father
    • Ronald became a catholic father

    21. Fault – Falla

    • You have to stop thinking it was your fault
    • His worst fault is his impatience

    22. Favor – Favor

    • Kevin called me to ask me for a favor
    • Andy could you please do me a favor?

    23. Favorite – Favorito / Favorita

    • Pizza is definitely my favorite food
    • Lucas always says he is my favorite son

    24. Fear – Miedo

    • Her fear of heights got the best of her
    • They fear this storm will be the biggest one in ten years

    25. Feather – Pluma

    • The hat was black and it had a fabulous red feather on one side
    • Goose feather pillows are the most expensive

    26. Feed – Alimentar

    • You shouldn´t feed your kids candy all the time
    • I have to get home to feed the dogs

    27. Feel – Sentir

    • She said she could feel his presence with her that day
    • Did you feel that?

    28. Female – Hembra

    • Audrey brought home a beautiful female Labrador puppy
    • All of my good friends are female

    29. Fence – Cerca

    • There is a fence closing the entire backyard
    • Sean is starting to sand the fence so we can paint it tomorrow

    30. Fever – Fiebre

    • We had to have yellow fever shots before our trip
    • Mike had a very high fever last night

    31. Few – Pocos / Algunos

    • With a few touches, this house will be perfect for us
    • There was a lot of people at the party but few of them were really invited

    32. Fiancé – Prometido / Prometida

    • Charles’s fiancé is from Australia
    • Her fiancé gave her a gigantic diamond ring when he proposed

    33. Field – Campo

    • We were standing at a real battle field
    • The property is so big it even includes a football field

    34. Fight – Pelea

    • She is willing to fight for him
    • The fight was getting out of control

    35. Figure – Figura

    • That dress fits your figure like a glove
    • Tamara has a very beautiful figure

    36. Final – Final

    • I told the kids that was my final word about it
    • The final cost of the wedding exceeded what they had budgeted

    37. Finally – Finalmente

    • Doug finally decided to come home after college
    • Krista finally got the jog she wanted in Chicago

    38. Find – Encontrar

    • Marla needs to find a new job very fast
    • Did you find my keys?

    39. Fine – Fino / Bueno / Multa

    • I called Ariana and she told me she was fine
    • Trenton got a parking fine

    40. Finger – Dedo

    • Ethan broke his finger playing football
    • I hate when you point your finger at me like that!

    41. Finish – Final / Terminar

    • Logan kept running until he got to the finish line
    • We still have some things to do to finish the job

    42. Fire – Fuego

    • The fire extended so fast we thought our house would burn
    • The kids were telling ghost stories by the fire

    43. First – Primero

    • Priscila is her first born
    • This is the first time we travel to Spain together

    44. Fix – Arreglar

    • My dad thinks he can fix anything
    • Let me fix you a sandwich for the road

    45. Flag – Bandera

    • The flag was flying with the wind
    • We saw a boat with a Canadian flag

    46. Flat – Plano

    • Rhonda felt flat on her back
    • They want to buy a flat terrain to build their new house

    47. Flavor – Sabor

    • This burgers have a delicious flavor
    • What flavor ice cream do you prefer?

    48. Flight – Vuelo

    • Cora´s flight was delayed thanks to a snow storm
    • He doesn´t want to drive so he´s taking a flight there

    49. Floor – Piso

    • The house has the most beautiful hardwood floor
    • Portia missed a step and fell to the floor

    50. Flour – Harina

    • Use flour to knead the dough without it sticking to the surface
    • I changed to whole wheat flour a year ago and it´s been fantastic

    51. Flowers – Flores

    • Dominic brought me flowers for our anniversary
    • My mom was planting some flowers in her new garden

    52. Fly – Volar / Mosca

    • Janet wanted to fly here but it was too expensive
    • There is an annoying fly in my kitchen

    53. Forehead – Frente

    • Bob got a cut in his forehead
    • She thinks her forehead is too big. That is why she wears bangs

    54. Forever – Para siempre

    • I hope this cat can find her forever home
    • He knows I will love him forever as I promised

    55. Formerly – Anteriormente

    • The accused is John Franklin formerly known as John Alcot
    • This building was formerly used as a silk factory

    56. Fraud – Fraude

    • He went to jail in a charge of check fraud
    • The transaction ended up been a complete fraud

    57. Frequently – Frecuentemente

    • Lorna frequently walks her dogs around 6 pm
    • They travel abroad very frequently

    58. Funny – Gracioso

    • Kevin is a really funny guy
    • She was wearing a funny looking hat

    59. Furniture – Muebles

    • Jessica needs to buy new office furniture
    • With new furniture the house would look better

    60. Fury – Furia

    • He punched the wall with such fury he made a hole
    • The fury of the windstorm was terrifying

    Esta lista de 60 palabras en inglés con F será ideal para que sigas aprendiendo y aumentando tu vocabulario. Gracias a que cuenta con traducción al español y algunas oraciones de muestra, no solo podrás saber lo que cada una de ellas significa sino la manera correcta en la que cada una de ellas debe usarse en una comunicación efectiva.

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