Palabras en Inglés con G

Si quieres perfeccionar tu inglés tienes que comenzar a incluir el estudio de nuevas palabras. Mejorar el vocabulario tiene mucha relación con la posibilidad de lograr un mayor nivel de comprensión. Para ayudarte a esto, traemos estas palabras en inglés con G.

Mientras más palabras conozcamos, más fácil será para nosotros comunicarnos en un nuevo idioma tanto de forma escrita como de forma oral. De allí la importancia de este tipo de listas que nos ayudan a expresar aquello que queremos usando la palabra adecuada.


    40 Palabras en inglés con G

    Palabras en inglés con G

    Lo que verás a continuación es una lista bastante amplia que contiene 40 palabras en inglés con G. la lista está diseñada para que no solo aprendas la traducción al español de la palabra, si no que sepas cómo ésta palabra se utiliza a la hora de formar una oración.

    Muchas personas no entienden la importancia de contar con un gran vocabulario. No se trata solo de conocer la gramática y la fonética; si no conocemos las palabras adecuadas para describir o definir algo o para indicar una acción específica, el aprendizaje sestará incompleto.

    Si lo que quieres es tener un alto nivel, no dudes en estudiar esta lista de palabras en inglés con G así como las otras listas similares que tenemos para ti en esta página.

    1. Gain – Ganancia

    • Lauren has had a very substantial weight gain the past year
    • The job doesn´t pay well but it´s a great way to gain experience

    2. Game – Juego

    • Walter went to see the Mets game last Sunday
    • The kids are playing some kind of drinking game nowadays

    3. Gap – Brecha

    • There is a very important age gap between them
    • The bats were getting in thru a gap in the ceiling

    4. Garbage – Basura

    • My son refuses to take the garbage out
    • This dress is garbage! I can´t sell that at my store

    5. Garden – Jardin

    • Louise planted the most beautiful rose garden
    • We were all having a barbeque in the garden

    6. Gate – Portón

    • Don´t forget to close the gate on your way out
    • It was pouring rain and there we were waiting at the gate

    7. Gathering– Reunión

    • We are having a family gathering tomorrow
    • That is not a store; it´s more like a gathering of things with no order o place

    8. Generally – Generalmente

    • Generally speaking, Mexicans love spicy food
    • I generally wouldn´t choose that kind of shoes

    9. Generous – Generoso / Generosa

    • It was so generous from you letting us stay here
    • Mandy is a very generous woman

    10. Gentle – Gentíl

    • Suddenly, a gentle breeze blew he hair
    • Marcus is very tall but he is like a gentle giant

    11. Gentleman – Caballero

    • My husband is a total gentleman
    • Every lady needs a gentleman in her life

    12. Genuine – Genuino

    • What they feel for each other in genuine love
    • This gemstone looks genuine

    13. Giant – Gigante

    • I want to have a giant tub in my new bathroom
    • To the little girl, her father looked like a giant

    14. Gift – Regalo

    • I have to buy a gift for my mother-in-law because it´s her birthday tomorrow
    • He bought that car as a gift for Brianna

    15. Girl – Niña / Chica

    • Samantha is such a sweet little girl
    • Sometimes it´s hard to raise a teenage girl

    16- Glad – Contento / Contenta

    • Roman seemed so glad to see me
    • I´m very glad everything came out fine with the surgery

    17. Glass – Vidrio / Cristal / Vaso

    • The church has gorgeous stained glass windows
    • I really need to have a glass of cold water

    18. Gloves – Guantes

    • Winter is about to begin and I don´t have a good pair of gloves
    • He can´t wear latex gloves because he is allergic

    19. Glue – Pegamento

    • I tried to fix it but regular glue wasn´t working out
    • We have to glue this two parts together and that will be it

    20. Gold – Oro

    • Adam bought me a beautiful white gold necklace
    • She prefers the silver faucets over the gold ones

    21. Government – Gobierno

    • Government officials said the situation is under control
    • Marc is now working for the government

    22. Grateful – Agradecido / Agradecida

    • I´m very grateful for the time I spent with my mother
    • You have to be grateful for everything you have

    23. Gray – Gris

    • She really hated the gray color of the walls
    • He was a tall man with short, gray hear

    24. Great – Estupendo

    • Have a great day Mister Fuller!
    • Brenda is great with children

    25. Green – Verde

    • She was wearing a pair of loud green pants
    • The place was great! There was green everywhere you looked

    26. Grocery – Comestibles / Tienda de comestibles

    • I was about to go grocery shopping
    • Patty is at the grocery store an hour ago

    27. Ground – Suelo / Terrero

    • Cemeteries are considered sacred ground
    • When I looked down. Nancy was on the grown

    28. Group – Grupo

    • Alicia is on a trip with her dance group
    • There is a very strange-looking group of people at the corner

    29. Guess – Adivinar

    • Can you guess what I got you for Christmas?
    • You´ll never guess what Jo told me today

    30. Guest – Invitado

    • We invited her to be our guest at the beach house
    • My dad was a guest speaker in the conference

    31. Guilty – Culpable

    • After the trial, the jury came back with a guilty verdict
    • I ate a giant piece of cake and now I feel guilty

    32. Guide – Guía

    • In the Bahamas, the tourist guide showed us some beautiful beaches
    • Linda is training a new guide dog

    33. Gullible – Crédulo / Crédula

    • Maryanne is a very gullible woman
    • Sellers like him praise on gullible pople

    34. Gum – Encía / Chicle

    • The dentist told me I have a gum disease
    • Tony has started to chew bubble gum to try and stop smoking

    35. Gun – Arma

    • I didn´t know you had a gun in the house
    • She said she had never fired a gun before

    36. Guitar - Guitarra

    • Sander is learning to play the guitar
    • I thought a guitar might be a nice gift for Joanna

    37. Gradmother - Abuela

    • Lindsey loves visiting her grandmother
    • You look too young to be a grandmother

    38. Grandson - Nieto

    • Richard is excited for the birth of his first grandson
    • Peter is a very good grandson

    39. Granddaughter

    • My granddaughter is going to college now
    • Rita and her youngest granddaughter came by today

    40. Grandfather - Abuelo

    • My grandfather used to be a police officer
    • Joshua looks like his gransfather

    Si buscas una manera fácil y rápida de aprender palabras nuevas, listas como esta que te ofrecemos de palabras en inglés con G son una opción muy buena. Puedes ir aprendiendo vocabulario nuevo de la manera correcta porque se muestran con la palabra original, su traducción al español y ejemplos de cómo usarlas en una oración con sentido.

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