Palabras en Inglés con H

A la hora de aprender palabras nuevas un método eficaz es el de tener listas por orden alfabético de palabras e ir estudiándolas poco a poco. Esta práctica puede ayudarnos en gran manera a aumentar nuestro vocabulario en un nuevo idioma. Para ayudarte hemos compilado esta lista de palabras en inglés con H.


    55 Palabras en inglés con H

    Palabras en Inglés con H

    En esta lista encontrarás detalladas 55 palabras en inglés con H que podrás ver junto a su traducción al español y ejemplos de cómo pueden ser usadas éstas en oraciones. De esta manera no solo podrás aprender el significado de una palabra sino su uso diario en el idioma inglés.

    1. Habit – Hábito

    • Sharon has the habit of leaving her shoes at the door
    • I made it a habit to drink water as soon as I wake up

    2. Hack – Cortar

    • Daniel began to hack that old couch into pieces with an axe
    • She couldn´t hack it

    3. Had – Tuvo / tuve

    • Hector had to pick up Kevin from school yesterday
    • When I was a kid we had four cats

    4. Hair – Cabello

    • Lucy has the most beautiful hair I have ever seen
    • His dog is very big and has short grey hair

    5. Hairdresser – Peluquera / o

    • I have an appointment with my hairdresser for this afternoon
    • Michelle wants to study to become a professional hairdresser

    6. Half – Medio

    • We just found out we have a half-brother living in Indiana
    • A tree felt down and cut the power lines in half

    7. Hall – Salón

    • The story begins with a dance in a very grand hall at the king´s palace
    • Babe Ruth is in the hall of fame of baseball

    8. Hallucination – Alucinación

    • Grandma was walking down the street in her pajamas. I think she was having a hallucination
    • That is a very dangerous drug that can induce hallucinations

    9. Hallway – Pasillo

    • The bathroom is at the end of the hallway
    • That hotel had a very narrow, long and creepy hallway

    10. Ham – Jamón

    • Donna said she was a vegetarian but I saw her eating a ham sandwich
    • They brought to the dinner a delicious honey-backed ham

    11. Hamburger – Hamburguesa

    • I really think I ate one hamburger to many
    • Dylan was fuzzing about dinner yesterday; he said he would only eat if I gave him a hamburger

    12. Hammer – Martillo

    • I was nailing a picture into the wall and the hammer hit me right in the thumb
    • Do you really need to buy yet another hammer?

    13. Hand – Mano

    • I could really use a helping hand right now
    • He wasn´t feeling so good; he had a fever and his left hand was swelling

    14. Handful – Puñado

    • We were at the party and suddenly Adison came running and gave me a handful of candy
    • Those kids are very rambunctious, they are definitely a handful

    15. Handle – Encargarse / Manejar

    • Are you sure that you can handle the kids for an entire week?
    • I thought I could handle the two jobs but it prove to be too much

    16. Handmade – Hecho a mano

    • Susan gave Tracy a beautiful handmade vase for her birthday
    • I love buying handmade things. I think they are special and unique

    17. Handsome – Atractivo

    • My husband is the most handsome man I´ve ever known
    • Leon is growing up to be a very handsome young man

    18. Happened – Ocurrió

    • There is a hole in the wall. How did that happened?
    • What really happened was that he was having an affair

    19. Happy – Feliz

    • My mom was very happy when I told her I was getting married
    • What do you need to be happy again?

    20. Hard – Duro

    • Going thru all of this has been very hard
    • This steak is overcooked that is why is so hard to eat

    21. Harmful – Dañino

    • Smoking is a very harmful habit
    • She was in a very harmful relationship

    22. Harmless – Inofensivo

    • You don´t have to kill that spider. Those are harmless creatures
    • That dog is very big but harmless

    23. Headache – Dolor de cabeza

    • Bruce woke up with the worst headache ever
    • Sheila had to go to the hospital. She´s had the same headache for an entire week

    24. Health – Salud

    • Eating carrots is good for your eye´s health
    • His health was declining so they took him to a nursing home

    25. Hear – Escuchar

    • Did you hear me calling at you?
    • She could hear him crying from the kitchen

    26. Heart – Corazón

    • It breaks my heart to know you are so far away
    • His dad had a very serious heart condition

    27. Heaven – Cielo

    • I feel like I´m in heaven when I´m with you
    • He had to tell his little girl grandpa went to heaven

    28. Heavy – Pesado

    • Walter got a new job driving heavy machinery for a construction company
    • She tried to carry the suitcase but it was too heavy for her

    29. Helpful – Servicial

    • At the restaurant the staff was very helpful
    • There was nothing helpful you could do in this situation

    30. Hesitant – Dudoso

    • When he proposed she was a little hesitant to say yes
    • He had a hesitant way of speaking that turned the alarms

    31. High – Alto

    • They live in an apartment up high on a 7th floor
    • She has a very beautiful voice that can reach very high notes

    32. Hike – Caminata

    • Dan loves to hike in the Rocky MountainsI´m very tired because we had a family hike yesterday

    33. Hilarious – Divertidísimo

    • Ben is handsome and is frankly hilarious
    • She found it hilarious that the balloon got stuck in the roof

    34. Hill – Colina

    • The trainer made us run up the hill and back down again four times
    • The Collins love their new house on the hill

    35. Himself – Él mismo

    • I went into the room and found him talking to himself
    • Trent kept the information to himself

    36. Hire – Contratar

    • Alexander wants to hire someone to paint the house
    • She hire him without even looking at his resume

    37. History – Historia

    • Religion has been a part of human history
    • I love studying Greek history

    38. Hold – Sostener

    • Spencer I need you to hold my hand
    • Sometimes you need to hold on to the hope of a better tomorrow

    39. Holydays – Días festivos

    • Of all the holydays Christmas is my favorite
    • We are traveling to Spain on the summer holydays

    40. Honestly – Honestamente

    • Tina answered honestly and told me everything that happened
    • Do you honestly think this is the right choice?

    41. Honey – Miel

    • I learned to bake the most delicious cookies using only honey
    • He likes to sweeten his drinks with honey

    42. Hope – Esperanza

    • We really hope you have the best birthday
    • Don´t lose hope. A change is coming

    43. Horrible – Horrible

    • Her dress ripped, the music wasn´t working and the groom got drunk. It was horrible
    • Sam cut his finger with a knife and it was horrible

    44. Hospital – Hospital

    • Are we going to take him to the hospital?
    • My daughter was born in a very small hospital

    45. Host – Anfitrión

    • Dean turned out to be the best host ever
    • Kiara decided to host her birthday party at the pool

    46. Hot – Caliente

    • You need to pre heat the oven. It has to be very hot for the cake to bake properly
    • Felix told her that she was hot and she blushed

    47. Hour – Hora

    • We are running an hour late to the dance recital
    • Hour by hour we kept waiting for any news on the birth

    48. Hug – Abrazo

    • Victoria gave me a big hug before she left
    • We need to hug each other a bit more this days

    49. Huge – Enorme

    • Wendy came home and it was a huge surprise
    • There is a huge tree just in front of the house

    50. Humble – Humilde

    • People have to start being more humble
    • He came from very humble beginnings

    51. Hungry – Hambriento

    • Peter gets really hungry after his training
    • I was so hungry I ate my food cold

    52. Husband – Esposo

    • She wishes to find a husband this year
    • I cried when the pastor declared them husband and wife

    53. Hyperactive – Hiperactivo

    • Their son is a very hyperactive kid
    • She was diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid

    54. Hypocrite – Hipócrita

    • Helen was supposed to be my friend but she turned out to be a hypocrite
    • Don´t talk to me you hypocrite!

    55. Hysterical – Histérica

    • This morning a woman was screaming hysterical at Walmart
    • Why are you being so hysterical?

    Con esta compilación de 55 palabras en inglés con H las posibilidades son infinitas. Estudia para aumentar tu vocabulario y aprende cómo usar cada una de estas palabras dentro de una oración. Así podrás mejorar en tus comunicaciones.


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