Palabras en Inglés con J

Una buena estrategia de aprendizaje de nuevo vocabulario es estudiar palabras ordenadas alfabéticamente. Para esto, contar con listas de palabras agrupadas por su letra de inicio es una excelente idea. En este artículo podrás encontrar un grupo selecto de palabras en inglés con J para que las incluyas en tu vocabulario nuevo.

  1. 35 Palabras en inglés con J
    1. 1. Jacket – Chaqueta
    2. 2. Jagged – Dentado
    3. 3. Jail – Cárcel
    4. 4. Jam – Embotellamiento / Mermelada
    5. 5. January – Enero
  2. 6. Jar – Tarro / Frasco
    1. 7. Jaw – Mandíbula / Quijada
    2. 8. Jealous – Celoso
    3. 9. Jelly – Gelatina
    4. 10. Jewel – Joya
    5. 11. Jitters – Nervios
    6. 12. Job – Trabajo
    7. 13. Jogging – Trotar
    8. 14. Join – Unirse
    9. 15. Joint – Articulación
    10. 16. Joke – Broma
    11. 17. Jolt – Sacudida
    12. 18. Journal – Diario
    13. 19. Journalist – Periodista
    14. 20. Journey – Viaje
    15. 21. Jovial – Jovial
    16. 22. Joy – Alegría
    17. 23. Judge – Juez
    18. 24. Judgment – Juicio
    19. 25. Juice – Jugo
    20. 26. July – Julio
    21. 27. Jump – Saltar
    22. 28. Junction – Cruce
    23. 29. June – Junio
    24. 30. Jungle – Selva / Jungla
    25. 31. Junk – Basura / Chatarra
    26. 32. Jury – Jurado
    27. 33. Justice – Justicia
    28. 34. Justifiable – Justificable
    29. 35. Juvenile – Juvenil

35 Palabras en inglés con J

Este conjunto de 35 palabras en inglés con J está diseñado para facilitar el aprendizaje de las nuevas palabras. Esto es gracias a que se incluye no solo su traducción al español, sino también oraciones que muestran el uso correcto de cada una de ellas en una comunicación efectiva.

1. Jacket – Chaqueta

  • Allison bought a new jacket for this winter. Is fluffy and very warm
  • Kevin left his jacket at home

2. Jagged – Dentado

  • John bought a new hunting knife that has jagged edges
  • This line you draw was supposed to be straight and it´s all jagged

3. Jail – Cárcel

  • No officer, I´ve never being in jail before
  • She felt as if her marriage was some kind of jail and she wanted out

4. Jam – Embotellamiento / Mermelada

  • Adam was late to the theater because he got stock in a terrible traffic jam
  • Strawberry jam is the best flavor ever

5. January – Enero

  • I know his birthday is in January but can´t remember the exact date
  • The last time I saw Melissa was in January

6. Jar – Tarro / Frasco

  • At the party they served a delicious beer in a ceramic jar
  • My aunt has a very large collection of jars in her garage

7. Jaw – Mandíbula / Quijada

  • Jenny was so beautiful in her wedding dress that the groom´s jaw dropped
  • That dog was very strange looking. His jaw was protruding what makes it look quite peculiar

8. Jealous – Celoso

  • I really hate dating jealous men
  • His girlfriend was very jealous because we were talking at the party

9. Jelly – Gelatina

  • The only thing she could eat after surgery was jelly
  • The best thing in the world are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

10. Jewel – Joya

  • The man showed me the most beautiful emerald necklace ever. That was a fantastic jewel
  • Not one fake jewel was put on that crown. Everything was real

11. Jitters – Nervios

  • Amanda had the wedding jitters and could not say her vows without crying
  • That place was very dark. It really gave me the jitters

12. Job – Trabajo

  • Jonah found a new job in the city so he´s staying in the house
  • Are you sure you can do the job properly?

13. Jogging – Trotar

  • Bobby and I are jogging every morning since June
  • Anne was jogging and Fred was riding his bike alongside her

14. Join – Unirse

  • We are about to start watching the game. Would you join us?
  • I decided I wanted to join the church choir

15. Joint – Articulación

  • My grandma was having some joint pain so we took her to see a doctor
  • His knee joint just started hurting out of nowhere

16. Joke – Broma

  • Karen got really mad and thought the joke wasn´t funny at all
  • He was trying to make a joke out of the situation

17. Jolt – Sacudida

  • We were ghost hunting when suddenly I felt a jolt that scared me to death
  • I screamed and John jolted out of his feet

18. Journal – Diario

  • Maria kept a journal for several years when she was younger
  • We kept a journal of all of our adventures during the trip

19. Journalist – Periodista

  • Dianne studied very hard to become a respected journalist
  • He worked as a journalist for many years before becoming a published writer

20. Journey – Viaje

  • It has been a long journey to get to where we are today
  • She embarked on a journey that would change her life forever

21. Jovial – Jovial

  • Your grandparents are very jovial for their age
  • Even with all of what has happened she has kept a very jovial spirit

22. Joy – Alegría

  • When my first son was born I felt so much joy
  • Watching her play in front of so many people made me feel pure joy

23. Judge – Juez

  • Oliver wants to be a judge when he grows up
  • She became the first woman judge of that time

24. Judgment – Juicio

  • She has always shown a very good judgment even when she was younger
  • The final judgment on the case will be revealed next week

25. Juice – Jugo

  • Today we had chicken with some orange juice and rosemary. It was delicious
  • Linda refuses to drink her apple juice from the box

26. July – Julio

  • Sandy and Eric are getting married next July
  • We love watching the fireworks on the 4th of July

27. Jump – Saltar

  • Everything was fine until Charles decided it was a god idea to jump into the pool from the balcony
  • The river was going so fast we had to jump from rock to rock to get to the other side

28. Junction – Cruce

  • The store is exactly at the junction between Melon Avenue and Green Street
  • I was waiting at the junction when the truck hit me in the rears

29. June – Junio

  • Vicky and I are taking a cruise to the Caribbean next June
  • They thought June was the perfect month to have their wedding

30. Jungle – Selva / Jungla

  • Anthony wants to have an adventure in the jungle
  • We made a jungle themed pool in our back yard

31. Junk – Basura / Chatarra

  • That man´s house is just full of junk
  • Wanda´s car was very dirty. She had junk everywhere

32. Jury – Jurado

  • It took the jury only 2 hours to find him guilty
  • Carol was called yesterday to be part of a jury selection for a trial next month

33. Justice – Justicia

  • They let that man free. What kind of justice is that?
  • She felt she had the justice she deserved

34. Justifiable – Justificable

  • I don´t find his action justifiable
  • Was her reaction to that really justifiable?

35. Juvenile – Juvenil

  • Rose said he was handsome but too juvenile in his conversation
  • Dereck was sent to juvenile detention when he was 15

Esperamos que esta lista de palabras en inglés con J sea de gran ayuda para ti en el estudio de nuevas palabras y sus usos en el idioma inglés. No olvides que en nuestra página podrás encontrar otras listas similares que puedes revisar e ir estudiando a medida que avanzas en tus estudios de este nuevo idioma.

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