45 Palabras en Inglés con K, con traducción y ejemplos

Para los hispanoparlantes, la letra k puede no ser de mucha relevancia porque no hay muchas palabras que en español comiencen con esta letra; sin embargo, en inglés es bastante más usada por lo que es importante que conozcamos algunas de las palabras en inglés con K y su traducción al español.

  1. 45 Palabras en inglés con K
    1. 1. Kangaroo – Canguro
    2. 2. Karat – Quilate
    3. 3. Karate – Karate
    4. 4. Karma – Karma
    5. 5. Keen – Entusiasmado
    6. 6. Keep – Mantener
    7. 7. Kennel – Perrera
    8. 8. Kept – Mantenido
    9. 9. Kettle –Tetera
    10. 19. Key – Llave
    11. 20. Keyboard – Teclado
    12. 21. Kick – Patada
    13. 22. Kid – Niño / Niña
    14. 23. Kidney – Riñón
    15. 24. Kill – Matar
    16. 25. Kilometer – Kilómetro
    17. 26. Kind – Amable
    18. 27. Kindergarten – Preescolar
    19. 28. Kindness – Amabilidad
    20. 29. King – Rey
    21. 30. Kiss – Beso
    22. 31. Kitchen – Cocina
    23. 32. Kitty – Gatito / Gatita
    24. 33. Knee – Rodilla
    25. 34. Kneel – Arrodillarse
    26. 35. Knew – Sabía
    27. 36. Knife – Cuchillo
    28. 37. Knight – Caballero
    29. 38. Knot – Nudo
    30. 39. Know – Saber
    31. 40. Knowledge – Conocimiento
    32. 41. Known – Conocido
    33. 42. Knuckles – Nudillos
    34. 43. Kindred – Afín
    35. 44. Knitting – Tejido
    36. 45. Kudos – Gloria / Fama

45 Palabras en inglés con K

Desarrollar un vasto vocabulario cuando estudiamos un nuevo idioma puede hacer una gran diferencia en el nivel que el estudiante alcance. Es por esto que aprender nuevas palabras se hace tan importante.

A continuación verás una lista compuesta de 45 palabras en inglés con K que incluyen su traducción al español además de algunos ejemplos que muestran las formas en las que estas pueden ser incluidas en las oraciones.

1. Kangaroo – Canguro

  • We are going to Australia next spring. I´m dying to see a kangaroo
  • George took the kids to the zoo this summer and they loved meeting the new baby kangaroo

2. Karat – Quilate

  • Ben gave her a beautiful 18 karat gold bracelet
  • Alice wanted a pure 24 karat gold wedding ring

3. Karate – Karate

  • Ralph was promoted to green belt in karate
  • The man was so drunk he started to make some weird karate moves

4. Karma – Karma

  • You know hurting others will bring you bad karma
  • They really believe in reincarnation, karma and all of that stuff

5. Keen – Entusiasmado

  • She was very keen in taking dance lessons
  • Manny was not very keen on marriage

6. Keep – Mantener

  • They were fighting a lot so I was just trying to keep peace at the house
  • She asked me to keep her secret; so I did

7. Kennel – Perrera

  • We had to buy a new kennel for Darcy. She has grown a lot the past year
  • To travel with pets you need to have the right size kennel

8. Kept – Mantenido

  • Mrs. Lucas kept her house very clean all the time
  • That family secret was kept for a long, long time

9. Kettle –Tetera

  • Ron has to buy a new kettle because he burnt the one we had
  • Do you want some tea? I already have the kettle on

19. Key – Llave

  • I had to leave the house but couldn´t find my key anywhere
  • Gregory have you seen my car key?

20. Keyboard – Teclado

  • My computer keyboard isn´t working properly. I need to buy a new one
  • Albert is playing keyboard in a band with his cousins

21. Kick – Patada

  • The police got to the house and had to kick the door in
  • She was trying to sleep when she felt the baby kick for the first time

22. Kid – Niño / Niña

  • My dogs started barking like crazy at a kid playing in front of the house
  • She can´t cook, she´s just a kid

23. Kidney – Riñón

  • William needs a kidney transplant
  • Don´t take that medicine. It says in the label that it can damage your kidneys

24. Kill – Matar

  • When Ken lost his wedding band I really wanted to kill him
  • A man was sent to jail after police discovered he had kill his neighbor

25. Kilometer – Kilómetro

  • In South America they measure distance using the kilometer
  • She was saying she had to walk for a whole kilometer to get to the bus stop

26. Kind – Amable

  • Everyone in that store was so kind
  • Patty is such a beautiful, sweet and kind person

27. Kindergarten – Preescolar

  • The twins started at their kindergarten this past Monday
  • Kayla wants to open her own kindergarten one day

28. Kindness – Amabilidad

  • We need to show a bit more of kindness with older people
  • What he did was a great act of human kindness

29. King – Rey

  • People say the lion is the king of the jungle
  • The Prince of Wales one day will become the King of England

30. Kiss – Beso

  • At the end of the ceremony the newlyweds seal their love with a kiss
  • I love you so much all I want to do is kiss you all day long

31. Kitchen – Cocina

  • We decided it was a good time to renovate the kitchen
  • Julie was sitting at the kitchen table doing her homework while I cooked

32. Kitty – Gatito / Gatita

  • Yesterday we brought a new kitty from the shelter
  • Trent really wants to buy a Persian kitty for his dad

33. Knee – Rodilla

  • Peter had to have knee surgery after the accident
  • We were at the beach when all of the sudden Gabe got on one knee and proposed to me

34. Kneel – Arrodillarse

  • I kneel before the altar and said a long prayer
  • She kneel before her King as a sign of obedience

35. Knew – Sabía

  • As soon as I saw her I knew she was pregnant
  • I knew it! I knew you were the one knocking at the door

36. Knife – Cuchillo

  • I gave my dad a new knife set for his birthday
  • She was a chef, that´s why she was carrying all those knifes with her all the time

37. Knight – Caballero

  • She always felt like a princess and when she met him, she declared him her knight
  • Quentin wants to be a knight this Halloween

38. Knot – Nudo

  • He had to learn how to make the knot to hold the boat
  • We all had a knot in our throats when she started singing

39. Know – Saber

  • Do you know how to fix a computer?
  • I didn´t know she was home that day

40. Knowledge – Conocimiento

  • Angela has a lot of knowledge about ancient civilizations
  • He had no knowledge of her whereabouts that weekend

41. Known – Conocido

  • The suspect has no known address
  • If she would’ve known about his allergies this wouldn´t have happened

42. Knuckles – Nudillos

  • The knuckles on his right hand were red and swollen
  • She cracks her knuckles so many times a day. That is annoying

43. Kindred – Afín

  • I felt we were kindred spirits since the day we met
  • She says her kindred animal in the tiger

44. Knitting – Tejido

  • Grandma Lu was knitting near a window
  • She said she was knitting a sweater for Fred

45. Kudos – Gloria / Fama

  • Sean wan the gold medal. Kudos to him!
  • Kudos to you for graduating with honors. We are very proud of you

Aquí las tienes, 45 palabras en inglés con K que puedes usar como referencia o aprender para mejorar tu vocabulario. Gracias a su traducción y oraciones que ejemplifican su uso, esta lista puede ser de gran ayuda a la hora de aprender nuevas palabras.

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