Palabras en Inglés con L

Conocer nuevas palabras y aumentar nuestro vocabulario a la hora de aprender inglés es uno de los mejores recursos que tenemos a la hora de conocer el lenguaje que estamos aprendiendo y así tener mayores recursos para armar oraciones de la manera correcta. Por eso, y para ayudarte a construir tu vocabulario te traemos esta lista de palabras en inglés con L.


    Palabras en inglés con L

    En la siguiente lista que te presentamos una lista de 50 palabras además de su traducción al español y algunos ejemplos de cómo se utilizan en una oración.

    1. Label – Etiqueta / Etiquetar

    • David had to read the label to learn how to use the washing machine
    • The teacher labeled her as a hyperactive kid

    2. Labor – Trabajo

    • The labor of moving the furniture was too much for his knees
    • I will have to pay a lot for the labor of fixing my car’s motor so I decided to sell it

    3. Laboratory – Laboratorio

    • She’s a biologist working in a renowned laboratory
    • Samuel went to the laboratory to get his results

    4. Ladder – Escalera

    • We need to buy a bigger ladder to be able to fix our roof
    • Adam fell down the ladder and hurt his arm but he’s fine now

    5. Lady – Dama

    • Vivian is such a nice young lady
    • I was at the supermarket a this lady came to me asking about chicken recipes

    6. Lake – Lago

    • We had the most beautiful view of the lake from our cabin
    • Bob loves kayaking in the Big Lake

    7. Lamp – Lámpara

    • Serena bought a new lamp for her living room
    • This lamp is the ugliest I’ve ever seen

    8. Land – Tierra

    • Allyson has a big plot of land near the river
    • In America, native land Is protected by law

    9. Landlord – Propietario / Encargado

    • My landlord is a really nice guy
    • I’m renting my apartment so I’m officially a landlord now

    10. Lane – Carril

    • The interstate 25 has 6 lanes; it’s the biggest of the state
    • I was driving in the right lane and that car just hit me with no reason

    11. Language – Lenguaje

    • I fell in love with her but there was a very significant language barrier
    • Linda is learning a whole new language from scratch

    12. Large – Grande

    • Giovanni has a very large truck
    • She was a very large woman but now she’s not, she has lost a lot of weight

    13. Last – Último / Por ultimo

    • At last she was able to buy a new home
    • Adam came in last in his bike race

    14. Late – Tarde

    • Josie came home late last night from the party
    • It was too late to call him back; so I waited till the next morning

    15. Later – Más tarde

    • I’m busy now but I’ll see you later tonight
    • Could you call me later?

    16. Laugh – Risa

    • Alice has the loudest laugh I’ve ever heard
    • He laughed so hard his stomach hurt

    17. Latin – Latino

    • Richard loves Latin music; specially salsa
    • We went to a Latin restaurant and the food was delicious

    18. Laundry – Lavandería

    • She was doing laundry when I got home
    • The dog was hiding from the kids in the laundry room

    19. Lavender – Lavanda

    • Diana absolutely loves everything that smells like lavender
    • William bought me a gorgeous lavender shirt

    20. Learn – Aprender

    • You need to learn grammar to speak good English
    • Oscar wants to learn how to play the guitar

    21. Leave – Salir / Dejar

    • She wants to leave this town as soon as possible
    • He’s a man now, you have to leave him be

    22. Left – Izquierda

    • You have to turn left to get to Main Street
    • Evelyn is left handed

    23. Leg – Pierna

    • The cat bit her left leg very hard
    • The doll’s leg just broke in two

    24. Legal – Legal

    • Dylan is in some difficult legal problems now
    • This is a legal issue so I won’t give an opinion

    25. Legend – Leyenda

    • Whitney Houston is a musical legend
    • There is a fantastic legend surrounding this town

    26. Length – Longitud

    • I need to know the length of the wall to buy the wall paper
    • That dress has a very weird length

    27. Less – Menos

    • There has to be a less complicated way to learn how to drive
    • Nobody is less than other; we’re all equal

    28. Lesson – Lección

    • Today’s lesson was about adjectives
    • She taught him a lesson by leaving him

    29. Letter – Carta

    • Karla wrote me a letter from Germany
    • We need to send a letter to the county to start our construction

    30. Lettuce – Lechuga

    • Rachel hates eating lettuce in her burgers
    • Lettuce has to be very fresh to taste good

    31. Level – Nivel / Nivelar

    • We have to level the dinner room floor
    • At what level are you in your studies?

    32. Liar – Mentiroso (a)

    • Chris is such a liar!
    • Don’t be a liar; I was at work yesterday morning

    33. Library – Biblioteca

    • Sam and I went to the university library last Sunday
    • Adam works at a library since last year

    34. Life – Vida

    • My whole life I’ve wanted to travel to Egypt
    • That man deserves a life sentence

    35. Light – Luz / Ligero

    • This bike is very light weighted
    • There is so much light in this room

    36. Limit – Límite

    • What’s the speed limit?
    • You have to limit the puppy’s space the first weeks

    37. Lion – León

    • The kids were impressed with the lion in the zoo
    • Lions are such an amazing animal

    38. Lip – Labio

    • Sondra just got lip fillers
    • I bought a new lip product that helps keeping them smooth

    39. Liquid – Líquido

    • The paint was so liquid that we couldn’t use it
    • What is that liquid you’re drinking?

    40. Listen – Escuchar

    • You need to listen to good music
    • Did you listen to what I said?

    41. Literature – Literatura

    • English literature is very interesting to read
    • Karina failed in her literature exam

    42. Little – Pequeño

    • That puppy is very little
    • I was a little worried for him when he didn’t call

    43. Live – En vivo

    • We saw a live concert on our honeymoon and it was great
    • She was singing live at the party

    44. Local – Local

    • He got the art work from a local artist
    • I like buying fruits and veggies at my local farmer’s market

    45. Logic – Lógica (o)

    • There is no logic in what you’re saying
    • We need to apply logic to solve this problem

    46. Long – Largo

    • We drove through a very long road before getting to the beach
    • He was making long distance calls without me knowing

    47. Lonely – Solitario

    • Jonah was feeling very lonely after Martha and the kids left
    • It gets lonely when the kids are in school

    48. Look – Mira / Mirar

    • Look at that big dog!
    • I have to look for a new office next week

    49. Lost – Perdido

    • We found a lost dog in our front yard
    • Ivan got lost driving to the conference

    50. Lying – Mintiendo

    • You’re lying! I never said that
    • If I said I’m completely satisfied; I’ll be lying

    Con la ayuda de estas 50 palabras en inglés con L podrás aumentar tu vocabulario para aprender a conformar nuevas oraciones.

    La mejor manera de conocer nuevas palabras es haciendo listas como estas en las que te presentamos palabras en inglés con L junto a su traducción y ejemplos de oraciones que te mostrarán cómo puedes utilizarlas de manera efectiva.

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