Palabras en Inglés con M

Aprender nuevas palabras puede ser más fácil si organizamos el aprendizaje por listas de palabras y una de las formas de hacer esas listas es por letra de inicio. Para ayudarte a aumentar tu vocabulario, hemos preparado esta lista de palabras en inglés con M para que comiences a aprenderlas.

  1. Palabras en inglés con M
    1. 1. Mad – Enojado / Molesto
    2. 2. Magazine – Revista
    3. 3. Mail – Correo
    4. 4. Maintain – Mantener
    5. 5. Majority – Mayoría
    6. 6. Make – Hacer
    7. 7. Male – Masculino
    8. 8. Man – Hombre
    9. 9. Manners – Modales
    10. 10. Many – Muchos (as)
    11. 11. Map – Mapa
    12. 12. March – Marzo/Marcha
    13. 13. Makeup – Maquillaje
    14. 14. Marathon – Maratón
    15. 15. Mark – Marca
    16. 16. Market – Mercado
    17. 17. Marriage – Matrimonio
    18. 18. Mature – Maduro
    19. 19. Meal – Comida
    20. 20. Mean – Malo (a) / Tacaño (a)
    21. 21. Meaning – Significado
    22. 22. Meat – Carne
    23. 23. Medicine – Medicina
    24. 24. Meet – Conocer
    25. 25. Memory – Memoria
    26. 26. Mess – Desastre / Desorden
    27. 27. Message – Mensaje
    28. 28. Middle – Medio
    29. 29. Midnight – Medianoche
    30. 30. Mind – Mente
    31. 31. Mine – Mío
    32. 32. Minute – Minuto
    33. 33. Miracle – Milagro
    34. 34. Mirror – Espejo
    35. 35. Miss – Señorita
    36. 36. Moment – Momento
    37. 37. Money – Dinero
    38. 38. Monkeys – Monos
    39. 39. Month – Mes
    40. 40. Mood – Humor
    41. 41. Moon – Luna
    42. 42. Morning – Mañana
    43. 43. Mother – Madre
    44. 44. Motivation – Motivación
    45. 45. Motorcycle – Motocicleta
    46. 46. Mountain – Montaña
    47. 47. Mouse – Ratón
    48. 48. Mouth – Boca
    49. 49. Mud – Barro
    50. 50. Muscle – Músculo
    51. 51. Museum – Museo
    52. 52. Music – Música
    53. 53. Mystery – Misterio
    54. 54. Movie – Película
    55. 55. Myth – Mito

Palabras en inglés con M

Palabras en inglés con MPara nadie es un secreto que el vocabulario forma una parte importante de aprender un idioma nuevo, es por eso que esta lista de 55 palabras en inglés con M pueden ser de gran ayuda para ti.

A continuación verás cada una de las palabras junto a su traducción al español y ejemplos de cómo puedes utilizarlas en una oración.

1. Mad – Enojado / Molesto

  • Sandra was mad at me because I got home late yesterday
  • Are you really mad at me?

2. Magazine – Revista

  • I have a subscription to a cooking magazine
  • Ella works at a fashion magazine

3. Mail – Correo

  • My new phone came yesterday in the mail
  • I’ll send you the report by mail next Monday

4. Maintain – Mantener

  • Rick has been trying to maintain his room clean
  • I have to maintain a good balance between my work and my home

5. Majority – Mayoría

  • The majority of the class got good grades in the math test
  • I like camping as do the majority of my family

6. Make – Hacer

  • We had to make a vanilla cake because we ran out of chocolate
  • Look! A shooting star; make a wish

7. Male – Masculino

  • Eve has a new male friend and he seems to be such a nice person
  • I want to buy a new male puppy for Christmas

8. Man – Hombre

  • Brian is such a good man; you are lucky to have him
  • A man came by my house yesterday selling vacuum cleaners

9. Manners – Modales

  • Those teenagers have no manners
  • It is of good manners to say thank you and please

10. Many – Muchos (as)

  • Alexa has too many shoes
  • I’ve called you too many times to count, where are you?

11. Map – Mapa

  • Donald needed a map to get to the camping site
  • Shelly was studying geography with a mad her dad gave her

12. March – Marzo/Marcha

  • My mom’s birthday is the 14th of March
  • Jillian is at an animal rights march in Main Street

13. Makeup – Maquillaje

  • Wendy just loves playing with makeup
  • She had to buy new makeup at the airport because she forgot everything at the hotel

14. Marathon – Maratón

  • Andy runs every year in the Boston marathon
  • Casey’s trainer told her that she will be ready for next year’s marathon

15. Mark – Marca

  • She is the most beautiful cat; she has a brown mark on the side of her head
  • I cut my leg with a bush and it left a mark

16. Market – Mercado

  • I love buying veggies and fruits at the farmer’s market
  • There is a fantastic market place near my house

17. Marriage – Matrimonio

  • Liam and I have always had a very good marriage
  • She doesn’t think marriage is such a good idea being so young

18. Mature – Maduro

  • Alison is such a mature little girl for her age
  • A good, mature wine is the best you can get on weather like this

19. Meal – Comida

  • Will prepared a fantastic meal for our anniversary
  • How was grandma’s meal?

20. Mean – Malo (a) / Tacaño (a)

  • Tania was a very mean girl back in school
  • Don’t be mean to your little suster!

21. Meaning – Significado

  • You need to know the correct meaning of a word to use it properly
  • That song has a special meaning for us; it remind us of dad

22. Meat – Carne

  • Vanessa is vegan now; she doesn’t eat any meat
  • I’m craving spaghetti and meat balls so bad

23. Medicine – Medicina

  • Dylan had a very high fever so we had to give him medicine
  • She broke her foot; now she needs pain medicine

24. Meet – Conocer

  • David took her to meet his parents last weekend
  • I found out I have a half-sister; I’ll meet her tomorrow

25. Memory – Memoria

  • Grandma is having some memory problems
  • He lost his memory partially after the car accident

26. Mess – Desastre / Desorden

  • The kids made a mess in the kitchen trying to cook dinner
  • Their relationship is a total mess

27. Message – Mensaje

  • Gina sent me a message to let me know she’s coming to town
  • That song has a very nice message

28. Middle – Medio

  • Justin is my sister’s middle child
  • I saw a small puppy siting in the middle of the road

29. Midnight – Medianoche

  • It was midnight when he knocked on my door
  • She said she’ll call on New Year’s Eve just at midnight

30. Mind – Mente

  • Albert is definitely a brilliant mind
  • I was losing my mind when I couldn’t find my son at the mall

31. Mine – Mío

  • That jacket is mine
  • The chocolate ice cream in the fridge is mine and only mine

32. Minute – Minuto

  • Diana, just give a minute and I’ll be with you
  • He hates when people get late to an appointment, even if it’s just one minute

33. Miracle – Milagro

  • She thought she couldn’t have kids so that baby is a miracle
  • Jo is very sick, her family is just hoping for a miracle

34. Mirror – Espejo

  • We bought a gigantic fabulous golden mirror for the living room space
  • She stared at the mirror for hours

35. Miss – Señorita

  • Miss Spencer is teaching math class this year
  • Excuse me miss, do you know how to get to target?

36. Moment – Momento

  • I was so mad that I had to wait a moment to be able to respond to her
  • It just took one moment for him to run away

37. Money – Dinero

  • Now we have enough money to buy our dream house
  • It’s not about the money, I go to work every day because I really like it

38. Monkeys – Monos

  • We really enjoyed watching the monkeys at the zoo
  • All of the sudden a bunch of monkeys started running towards us

39. Month – Mes

  • My birthday is in the month of April
  • Last month we went to Spain and it was a great trip

40. Mood – Humor

  • Lisa was in a very bad mood when we talked on the phone
  • The baby is always in a good mood; she’s so nice to watch

41. Moon – Luna

  • Last night the moon was so big and shiny
  • On my birthday we had a great dinner at moon light

42. Morning – Mañana

  • Every morning the kids get ready to go to school
  • I went running with pat in the morning and it felt great

43. Mother – Madre

  • We visited Danny’s mother on the weekend
  • I’m going out of town to visit my mom on mother’s day

44. Motivation – Motivación

  • He can’t find enough motivation to start the gym
  • My son gave me the motivation I needed to finish my studies

45. Motorcycle – Motocicleta

  • Lance wants me to buy him a motorcycle for his birthday
  • There was a motorcycle crash on Main Street

46. Mountain – Montaña

  • You can see the beautiful mountain from the bedroom window
  • We went up the mountain and the view was amazing

47. Mouse – Ratón

  • Shelly just wants to go to Disney to meet Mickey Mouse
  • There was a mouse walking in front of us on the kitchen counter

48. Mouth – Boca

  • You need to watch your mouth young boy!
  • He said she has the most beautiful mouth he has ever seen

49. Mud – Barro

  • The dog came back home covered in mud
  • It rained so much that my entire garden was just a pool of mud

50. Muscle – Músculo

  • Samuel pulled a muscle trying to lift a big box
  • I’ve been having muscle pain since our camping trip

51. Museum – Museo

  • I loved visiting the British Museum and its Egyptian collection
  • We4 took Eli to the kid’s museum last weekend and he enjoyed it

52. Music – Música

  • Barbra loves listening to classical music
  • Richard is finishing his music major

53. Mystery – Misterio

  • My favorite necklace is lost since last week; it is a complete mystery where it ended up
  • We watched a mystery show on TV and it was very interesting

54. Movie – Película

  • He decided to watch a scary movie; I wasn’t happy about it
  • I really love romantic movies; they make me happy

55. Myth – Mito

  • The Lock Ness Monster is nothing more than a myth
  • He likes reading all about Greek Myths

Esta lista de palabras en inglés con M te puede ayudar a mejorar tu vocabulario, además, los ejemplos que te hemos dado son una buena referencia de cómo usar cada una en la construcción de una oración.

Conocer estas palabras en inglés con M te dará la oportunidad de conocer nuevas palabras que a su vez te ayudarán a expresar exactamente aquello que deseas con las palabras adecuadas ya a entender lo que leas o te digan más fácilmente.

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