Palabras en Inglés con N

Aprender nuevas palabras siempre será una necesidad cuando se trata de estudiar un nuevo idioma. El vocabulario es una parte importante del aprendizaje de otra lengua y es por esto que hacer listas de palabras es tan importante. En esta oportunidad tenemos para ti este grupo de palabras en inglés con N.

  1. Palabras en inglés con N
    1. 1. Nail – Uña / Clavo
    2. 2. Naïve – Ingenio / a
    3. 3. Naked – Desnudo / a
    4. 4. Name – Nombre
    5. 5. Nanny – Niñera
    6. 6. Narrow – Estrecho
    7. 7. Near – Cerca
    8. 8. Necessary – Necesario
    9. 9. Need – Necesitar
    10. 10. Negative – Negativo
    11. 11. Negligent – Negligente
    12. 12. Neighbor – Vecino
    13. 13. Neither – Ninguno
    14. 14. Nervous – Nervioso / a
    15. 15. Never – Nunca
    16. 16. News – Noticias
    17. 17. Nice – Agradable
    18. 18. Niece – Sobrina
    19. 19. Night – Noche
    20. 20. Nightmare – Pesadilla
    21. 21. Noise – Ruido
    22. 22. Nonsense – Disparate
    23. 23. Noon – Mediodía
    24. 24. North – Norte
    25. 25. Nose – Nariz
    26. 26. Nostalgic – Nostálgico
    27. 27. Notebook – Cuaderno
    28. 28. Nothing – Nada
    29. 29. Notify – Notificar
    30. 30. Notion – Noción
    31. 31. Notorious – Notorio
    32. 32. Now – Ahora
    33. 33. Nowhere – En ninguna parte
    34. 34. Numb – Entumecido
  2. 35. Numerous – Numeroso
    1. 36. Nurse – Enfermera / o
    2. 37. Nutrition – Nutrición
    3. 38. Neat – Ordenado
    4. 39. Necklace – Collar
    5. 40. Neighborhood – Vecindario
    6. 41. Nephew – Sobrino
    7. 42. Network – Red
    8. 43. Nickname – Apodo
    9. 44. Noble – Noble
    10. 45. None – Ninguno
    11. 46. Nonstop – Sin parar

Palabras en inglés con N

Una manera efectiva de aprender vocabulario es hacer listas de palabras e ir estudiando su significado y uso correcto dentro de una oración. Aquí te mostramos 46 palabras en inglés con N que puedes ir estudiando.

1. Nail – Uña / Clavo

  • She started moving the couch and then she broke a nail. It was very painful
  • David was fixing the wall but he realize he was missing just one more nail to finish the job

2. Naïve – Ingenio / a

  • Linda is so naïve that it´s easy to surprise her on her birthday
  • You are being too naïve if you think men can change

3. Naked – Desnudo / a

  • Sarah was still naked when he knocked on the door
  • He said he wanted to tell me the naked truth about his affair

4. Name – Nombre

  • I can´t remember the name of the doctor
  • What is your name?

5. Nanny – Niñera

  • Jillian started working as a nanny part time this summer
  • We had to call a nanny to be able to go see my dad at the hospital

6. Narrow – Estrecho

  • This hallway is too narrow for the two of us to walk at a time
  • There is a narrow window of time to do everything on your list today

7. Near – Cerca

  • His house is near the rail lines so there is too much noise
  • My son wants to have near all the time

8. Necessary – Necesario

  • It is necessary to find an alternative energy source
  • Kyla wants to change her car. I don´t see It necessary

9. Need – Necesitar

  • We don´t need to worry about Lucas. He´s doing fine at college
  • Lyla needs to find a better place to live

10. Negative – Negativo

  • Jackson is being a negate role model for his siblings
  • The test was negative again. We´ll keep trying next year

11. Negligent – Negligente

  • Your company was very negligent in the way they treated this case
  • They said she was a negligent mother so they took her kids

12. Neighbor – Vecino

  • We have a new neighbor in our street. He seems to be very nice
  • Tonya was having an affair with her next door neighbor

13. Neither – Ninguno

  • Neither one of us wanted to say sorry
  • We both drank so neither one of us could drive that night

14. Nervous – Nervioso / a

  • I always get nervous when I have to go to the dentist
  • She has always being a nervous girls

15. Never – Nunca

  • She could never do that. She is a good girl
  • We never thought in a million years we would have twins

16. News – Noticias

  • Ron was watching the news while I cooked dinner
  • Have you heard the news? William and Carol are getting married

17. Nice – Agradable

  • Vicky is such a nice little girl
  • He was so nice on our first date I had to give him my phone number

18. Niece – Sobrina

  • Howard has a beautiful little niece called Bella
  • I wanted a niece but my sister is expecting another boy

19. Night – Noche

  • Last night was the best night ever. Dillon proposed to me
  • At night, every seems bigger and scarier

20. Nightmare – Pesadilla

  • Samuel had the most terrible nightmare last night
  • My car just wouldn´t start. It was a nightmare getting to work on time

21. Noise – Ruido

  • The kids were making so much noise at their pajama party that I couldn´t sleep
  • I don´t like this house. The noise from the street is too much

22. Nonsense – Disparate

  • Grandpa started talking nonsense just before he went to sleep
  • Do you really want to have a baby now? That´s nonsense

23. Noon – Mediodía

  • I have to pick up Caleb from his father´s at noon
  • Noon came and went and didn´t eat at all that day

24. North – Norte

  • There are strong winds blowing north
  • We have to drive up north to get to the lake

25. Nose – Nariz

  • Andy doesn´t like his nose
  • When she was a baby, her nose was always a very funny pink color

26. Nostalgic – Nostálgico

  • I always get nostalgic when I see my prom photos
  • He was very interesting; a bit nostalgic maybe

27. Notebook – Cuaderno

  • Alicia kept a secret notebook; a kind of diary if you may
  • Charlie lost his math notebook yesterday at school

28. Nothing – Nada

  • There is nothing I like about this tiny apartment
  • He said he knew nothing about the fight that day

29. Notify – Notificar

  • The policeman came to notify they had found Melissa´s car
  • She said she would notify me by mail of my next appointment

30. Notion – Noción

  • Andrew has no notion of how to use a drill
  • We had a notion that it was going to be bad news

31. Notorious – Notorio

  • Mr. Ramsey is such a notorious character in our town
  • It was very notorious that she wanted to leave

32. Now – Ahora

  • Alexa I need you to come home now
  • Now he thinks he can do wherever he wants without asking for permission

33. Nowhere – En ninguna parte

  • The cat was nowhere to be found
  • Our car broke down in the middle of nowhere

34. Numb – Entumecido

  • It is so cold that my fingers are getting numb
  • She was trying to numb the pain but it was impossible so we took her to the ER

35. Numerous – Numeroso

  • We made numerous attempts but at the end it was impossible
  • They have met on numerous occasions so a date was the next step

36. Nurse – Enfermera / o

  • Andrea is studying to become a nurse
  • My mom needed care so we hired a private nurse

37. Nutrition – Nutrición

  • Kids need a balanced nutrition to grow up strong and healthy
  • Their nutrition was based in fish and rice only

38. Neat – Ordenado

  • Danny likes keeping his house very neat
  • My roommate has a neat and beautiful handwriting

39. Necklace – Collar

  • Ashton gave me a beautiful diamond necklace for our anniversary
  • She was going crazy because she couldn´t find her mom´s necklace

40. Neighborhood – Vecindario

  • Dustin doesn´t want to move. He loves this neighborhood
  • I grew up in very nice neighborhood

41. Nephew – Sobrino

  • My nephew Matt is a fantastic piano player
  • He practically raised his nephew as his own son

42. Network – Red

  • Those guys had a criminal network working from their house
  • I have a very supportive family network

43. Nickname – Apodo

  • I never had a nickname growing up
  • He is so tall that his nickname is Long Al

44. Noble – Noble

  • Adrian is working for a very noble cause. To help kids out of the streets
  • We have to live an honest and noble life

45. None – Ninguno

  • They had too many drinks so none of them should have been driving
  • None of us knows the answer to that question

46. Nonstop – Sin parar

  • We danced nonstop last night
  • Tina was talking nonstop in class today

Allí las tienes, 46 palabras en inglés con N que pueden ayudarte a aumentar tu vocabulario y aprender nuevas maneras de comunicarte. Al estudiar estas nuevas palabras, su significado y usos en las oraciones tendrás mejores herramientas para aprender este nuevo idioma de manera fácil y divertida.

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