Palabras en Inglés con P

Aprender nuevas palabras puede parecer algo difícil cuando recién estamos comenzando a estudiar un nuevo idioma, sin embargo es una de las mejores maneras en las que podemos lograr mayor fluidez y comprensión oral y escrita. Para ayudarte a seguir aumentando tu vocabulario te mostramos en este artículo algunas palabras en inglés con P.


    Palabras en Inglés con P

    Palabras en Inglés con P

    Siempre que queramos aprender un nuevo idioma, debemos ir formando nuestro vocabulario. Esto junto al conocimiento de la gramática y la fonética nos permitirá alcanzar un mejor nivel. Para eso hemos preparado esta lista de 60 palabras en inglés con P en las que incluimos su traducción al español así como ejemplos de cómo pueden ser usadas en la construcción de una oración.

    1. Pace – Paso / ir y venir

    • Danny started to slow his pace when he saw her
    • I was so nervous that I started to pace all around the room

    2. Pacific – Pacífico / a

    • Sherry is the most pacific person I´ve ever known
    • The sound of the ocean gave me such a pacific sensation

    3. Pack – Empacar

    • Simon was so excited that he started to pack for the trip a week earlier
    • I have to move next week and haven´t even started to pack

    4. Package – Paquete

    • A very strange package arrived today at the office
    • He was carrying a package in one hand a his phone in the other

    5. Pact – Pacto

    • When we got married we made a pact of fidelity
    • This kids had some sort of pact of silence

    6. Padlock – Candado

    • Mr. Stuart has a padlock on the fence of his property
    • She had to use a padlock to close the gate because it was broken

    7. Pagan – Pagano / a

    • Pagan religions have being around for centuries
    • Diana has some very strange pagan believes I really don´t understand

    8. Pain – Dolor

    • German had such a horrible pain we had to call an ambulance
    • The pain of her death is just unbearable

    9. Paint – Pintura / Pintar

    • He had to paint the entire house before the baby was born
    • She now paints murals all over the city

    10. Pair – Par

    • You two make such a lovely pair
    • Hector bought the most beautiful pair of gold earrings for me

    11. Palace – Palacio

    • Their house looks just like a palace over that hill
    • We visited the Kensington Palace on our trip to London

    12. Pale – Pálido / a

    • Sonya looked so pale when she came home
    • The room was a very pretty pale blue

    13. Palm – Palma

    • Flynn insisted in planting a palm tree at the entrance of the new house
    • Olivia took me to a meet a woman that can read your palm and tell your future

    14. Pamper – Consentido / a

    • I felt so pamper when I went to the spa the first time
    • Now that is a pamper dog; he has its own bed

    15. Pan – Sartén / Cazuela

    • I like cooking my veggies like my grandma did, in a pan
    • Gina is so distracted that she burned the frying pan yesterday

    16. Panic – Pánico

    • She was having a real panic attack when she called us
    • Don´t panic, college is not that bad. You´ll have a great time

    17. Pants – Pantalones

    • Joshua is a very funny kid. He refuses to wear pants, only wants to wear pajamas to school
    • Karla was wearing a very fashionable pair of red pants

    18. Paper – Papel / Documento

    • I can´t go out tonight. I have to deliver a paper tomorrow at work and haven´t finished yet
    • He gave her the ring in a paper bag. That was very strange

    19. Paperwork – Papeleo

    • We just have to finish the paperwork to move into the new house
    • He wanted to buy a car but thought the credit paperwork was too much

    20. Parent – Padre

    • Sam is a very good parent to his three kids
    • She told me she wasn´t ready to be a parent so soon

    21. Park – Parque

    • There is a fantastic dog park near home
    • We took the kids to an amusement park the other day and it was awesome

    22. Parking – Estacionamiento

    • I was so distracted that day that I lost my car in the parking lot
    • There is only one parking space in this apartment complex that we can use

    23. Parsley – Perejil

    • I have no idea what is the parsley used for
    • My sister loves the flavor parsley adds to her salads

    24. Part – Parte

    • A part of me really wants to move and the other wants to stay in this city
    • The recipe is one part sugar per two part water

    25. Partially – Parcialmente

    • I´m partially inclined to believe his version of the story
    • She was partially hanging out of the window when we arrived

    26. Particularly – Particularmente

    • I´m not particularly kin on letting him alone at home just yet
    • He hates wearing boots; particularly at this time of the year

    27. Partner – Pareja / Compañero

    • Cindy´s partner looks like a good guy
    • Then the cop´s partner pointed a gun to the man at the door

    28. Party – Fiesta

    • They were having the time of their life on that birthday party
    • Lina is definitely not a party girl; more like a book worm

    29. Passenger – Pasajero

    • Nathan was a passenger in that train
    • John was driving the car and I was in the passenger sit next to him

    30. Patience – Paciencia

    • You need a lot of patience to be able to work with small children
    • Rita was desperate. Patience is not her strength.

    31. Pay – Pagar

    • He had to pay all of his credit cards to be able to buy the new TV
    • Linda was very mad when she found out she´ll have to pay child support to Bill

    32. Peace – Paz

    • I just need a space for me to be able to have some peace at this house
    • World peace is a dream we all should have

    33. Peach – Durazno / Melocotón

    • I love making peach pie for the kids
    • She brought me a peach scented perfume from her trip to Italy

    34. Peanut – Maní

    • My son only wants to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches nowadays
    • Ali is allergic to peanut

    35. Pear – Pera

    • He never liked pear flavored anything
    • We tried caramelized pears in Mexico

    36. People – Gente

    • People are going crazy this days
    • There was a lot of people at Susan´s party

    37. Permanent – Permanente

    • The damage to his nerves was permanent
    • I´m worried about Abby. She´s has a permanent state of depression

    38. Personal – Personal

    • Choosing your baby´s name is such a personal decision
    • Her trip to India was a very personal journey

    39. Pet – Mascota

    • Brian now wants another pet; this time is a goldfish
    • They have so many pets I don´t know the feed them all

    40. Pharmacy – Farmacia

    • She called to the pharmacy to see if the medicine is available to be picked up
    • I entered the pharmacy and there he was

    41. Phobia – Fobia

    • Dean has a terrifying phobia of birds
    • She has a paralyzing phobia to high places

    42. Phone – Teléfono

    • I left home so late I forgot my phone
    • The mobile phone is the best invention of the twentieth century

    43. Piece – Pieza

    • Sean broke his toy car and a piece of it ended up in my eye
    • That pie looks delicious! Can I have a piece?

    44. Pile – Pila

    • There is a pile of leaves in the middle of my backyard
    • She had a pile of dirty laundry in her bed

    45. Pity – Lástima

    • He felt pity for the man so he bought him a burger
    • I pity you for having to deal with this stressful situation alone

    46. Place – Lugar

    • That house was not a good place to raise a child
    • This place is so beautiful

    47. Play – Jugar

    • Stan took the kids to play with their cousins today
    • She went off to play tennis for the National League

    48. Policy – Política

    • There is a zero tolerance policy against bullies in this school
    • You can´t eat here. Is the company´s policy

    49. Pond – Lago

    • The property comes with a gorgeous pond included
    • There were ducks swimming in the pond

    50. Pool – Piscina

    • I would love to have a pool in my backyard
    • Ashley has a piano shaped pool in her house in Malibu

    51. Poor – Pobre

    • This is a very poor painting job
    • They were a very poor family growing up

    52. Popular – Popular

    • Vicky was one of the popular girls in high school
    • I do have some not so popular opinions about politics

    53. Positive – Positivo

    • On a more positive note, Kelly is getting married this spring
    • She showed him the positive test on a photo. That´s how he found out about the pregnancy

    54. Power – Poder

    • Liam is the only one with the power to lay you off
    • According to her, the guy has the power to talk to the dead

    55. Pregnant – Embarazada

    • I didn´t know I was pregnant until my second trimester
    • Bella told me he was pregnant over the phone

    56. Price – Precio

    • When I knew the price of those shoes I knew I couldn´t buy them
    • There is price to pay for every mistake we make

    57. Prior – Anterior

    • Prior to meet Alice he was married to my sister
    • She went to college but prior to that she completed a real estate course

    58. Probability – Probabilidad

    • What is the probability of him graduating on time?
    • There is a big probability she will be home next year

    59. Promise – Promesa

    • He made me promise to call when I get home
    • Do you promise to let me know if she is OK?

    60. Proud – Orgulloso / a

    • I´m so proud of you
    • Paul looked like such a proud father on Lea’s recital

    En esta lista de 60 palabras en inglés con P puedes encontrar algunas de las más usadas en conversaciones y escritos. La idea de esta lista es que puedas ir armando un vocabulario mucho más extenso que te ayude a elevar tu nivel en este nuevo idioma.

    Estudiando y aprendiendo a usar estas palabras en inglés con P tendrás mayores conocimientos y posibilidades de estructurar oraciones más complejas y comprensibles en inglés.

    Comparte esta lección. Gracias!

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