Palabras en Inglés con Q

Un buen vocabulario puede convertir a un estudiante bueno de inglés en uno excelente. Esto es porque mientras más palabras conozcamos y utilicemos, más fluidos podemos ser en la comunicación tanto oral como escrita. Para seguir ayudándote a tener un mejor vocabulario, en este artículo te mostramos algunas palabras en inglés con Q.

  1. 30 Palabras en inglés con Q
    1. 1. Quad – Cuadrángulo / Patio
    2. 2. Quadruped – Cuadrúpedo
    3. 3. Quaint – Pintoresco
    4. 4. Quake – Temblor
    5. 5. Qualified – Calificado
    6. 6. Quality – Calidad
    7. 7. Quantity – Cantidad
    8. 8. Quarrel – Pelea
    9. 9. Quarry – Cantera
    10. 10. Quarter – Un cuarto
    11. 11. Quartet – Cuarteto
    12. 12. Quartz – Cuarzo
    13. 13. Quash – Anular
    14. 14. Queasiness – Náuseas
    15. 15. Queen – Reina
    16. 16. Queer – Raro / Término LGBTI
    17. 17. Quench – Aplacar
    18. 18. Query – Duda
    19. 19. Quest – Búsqueda
    20. 20. Question – Pregunta
    21. 21. Questionable – Cuestionable
    22. 22. Quick – Rápido
    23. 23. Quickly – Rápidamente
    24. 24. Quiet – Silencioso
    25. 25. Quietly – Silenciosamente
    26. 26. Quintet – Quinteto
    27. 27. Quirky – Peculiar
    28. 28. Quit – Renunciar
    29. 29. Quite – Bastante
    30. 30. Quiz – Exámen

30 Palabras en inglés con Q

Palabras en Inglés con Q

En la lista que verás a continuación te mostraremos X palabras en inglés con Q junto a su traducción al español y algunas oraciones referenciales que te mostrarán cómo puedes utilizarlas.

1. Quad – Cuadrángulo / Patio

  • Justin wants a quad bike; you know, one of those with four wheels
  • Meet me at the quad for a Sunday brunch

2. Quadruped – Cuadrúpedo

  • Dogs are considered quadrupeds because they walk in all four legs
  • In the zoo they have all types of quadrupeds you can imagine

3. Quaint – Pintoresco

  • Helena comes from a very quaint little town up in a hill
  • The man had a big hat, made big gestures and had a quaint speech

4. Quake – Temblor

  • Last night a quake shake the city
  • There were huge waves in the beach that day thanks to a quake in a nearby island

5. Qualified – Calificado

  • He was perfectly qualified to teach English in our school
  • She gave me her resume but truthfully she is not qualified for the job

6. Quality – Calidad

  • Those shoes look like they are of a very good quality
  • Andy and I spent a lot of quality time together this summer

7. Quantity – Cantidad

  • I couldn´t see the quantity of the produce so I didn´t buy it
  • It is not always about quantity of time but about quality

8. Quarrel – Pelea

  • My neighbors have a quarrel that has lasted 20 years
  • We were at the party having fun and suddenly a quarrel broke out between two guesses

9. Quarry – Cantera

  • This quartz stones were brought directly from the quarry
  • We had the chance to visit the biggest quarry in town

10. Quarter – Un cuarto

  • He started fighting for a quarter missing on his change
  • I walked a quarter of a mile to get to Lisa´s house that day

11. Quartet – Cuarteto

  • Adam and I went to a concert. A fantastic string quartet was playing that night
  • My boyfriend plays in a folk quartet

12. Quartz – Cuarzo

  • For my new kitchen I would like quarts countertops
  • Some people say quartz can dissipate bad energy

13. Quash – Anular

  • We made a fantastic plan to quash his idea of getting a tattoo
  • The man wanted to quash his wife during the divorce proceedings

14. Queasiness – Náuseas

  • She was feeling nausea and queasiness all of her pregnancy
  • Except for a slight queasiness, he´s feeling a lot better

15. Queen – Reina

  • The Queen of England is the longest ruling monarch of the world
  • He told her she will be his queen forever

16. Queer – Raro / Término LGBTI

  • The uniform included a queer little bow
  • I was looking at the window when suddenly a very queer thought came to me

17. Quench – Aplacar

  • He was desperate trying to find something to quench the thirst
  • Firefighters were trying to quench the flames

18. Query – Duda

  • I query whether she can be really trusted
  • He had a query so he called the insurance company

19. Quest – Búsqueda

  • She told me she won´t stop her quest for the truth
  • Our local football team continues their quest for a regional victory

20. Question – Pregunta

  • If you have a question raise your hand
  • He asked me a question I frankly couldn´t answer

21. Questionable – Cuestionable

  • He is a man with a questionable past
  • The references shown in their work were very questionable

22. Quick – Rápido

  • This tear has gone by so quick
  • She always has a quick answer for everything

23. Quickly – Rápidamente

  • Elizabeth; I need you to come quickly!
  • He got up late, got dressed quickly and ran out the door

24. Quiet – Silencioso

  • The kids went to my dad´s house and everything was so quiet at home
  • I tried to keep the dog quiet but he kept barking nonstop

25. Quietly – Silenciosamente

  • He entered my room very quietly and then jumped on the bed. I almost had a heart attack
  • Sandra was quietly studying

26. Quintet – Quinteto

  • My brother plays the trumpet in a quintet
  • I had to transcribed a full score for a quintet

27. Quirky – Peculiar

  • Karla is a nice and quirky girl
  • We visited his aunt and she has a very quirky little house

28. Quit – Renunciar

  • Anthony decided to quit his job last month
  • I told the kids they had to quit their phones for a week

29. Quite – Bastante

  • Simon turned out to be quite a handsome guy
  • Fiona wasn´t quite ready for marriage yet

30. Quiz – Exámen

  • We got to the classroom and immediately the professor made us take a quiz
  • Rhonda is watching another television quiz show. She loves them

Como puedes ver, estas 30 palabras en inglés con Q serán de gran ayuda para que amplíes tu vocabulario y así puedas alcanzar el nivel que deseas en este idioma. Además de esto, las oraciones que te mostramos son buenos ejemplos de cómo pueden ser empleadas estas palabras en la construcción gramatical.

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