Palabras en Inglés con T

Si estás buscando mejorar tu vocabulario en inglés pero no sabes cómo hacerlo, traemos una recomendación para ti. Hacer listas con palabras en inglés y sus traducciones al español puede ser de gran ayuda en ese proceso de aprendizaje. Para ayudarte en esta tarea hemos hecho esta compilación de palabras en inglés con T.


    80 Palabras en inglés con T

    Palabras en Inglés con T

    La lista de palabras que encontrarás a continuación puede ser de gran ayuda porque como verás, contiene la traducción de cada una de las palabras al español así como oraciones en las que se ejemplifica el uso que podemos darle a cada una.

    Estos ejemplos de palabras en inglés con T que se muestran ayudan no solo a que conozcamos la traducción exacta de cada palabra del inglés al español, sino que nos dará una idea mucho más clara de cómo es esa palabra utilizada en el discurso oral y escrito.

    1. Table – Mesa

    • This dinner table was a gift from my brother
    • Johnny wanted to buy a ping pong table for the kids

    2. Tact – tacto

    • The sense of tact is very important for small children
    • She told me the bad news with a lot of tact and consideration

    3. Tag – Etiqueta

    • She pretended to wear the dress with the tag on to retune it later on
    • I fell in love with those shoes until I read the price tag

    4. Tail – Cola

    • My dog broke his tail with the door
    • The officer told me that a tail light in my car wasn´t working

    5. Tailor – Sastre

    • Glen just came back from the tailor with two new suits
    • She took the pants to a tailor to shorten the pants legs

    6. Take – Tomar

    • Chris wants to take a few days off to be with his sister at her wedding
    • Can you please take care of the cat for me this Friday?

    7. Talent – Talento

    • Stephanie really has a natural talent for dancing
    • He wanted to play the guitar like his father but he realized he doesn´t have the talent

    8. Talk – Hablar

    • All I wanted was to talk about our financial situation and he got really mad
    • He told her she needed to talk to her mother as soon as possible

    9. Tall – Alto

    • Randy is growing up to be very tall just like his father
    • It was a very tall building with beautiful old windows

    10. Tan – Bronceado

    • I wish I would tan at the beach like my sisters do
    • Fran bought a fantastic new carpet. It is in tan color and it matches her walls

    11. Tangerine – Mandarina

    • Since Erick discovered tangerines that´s the only fruit he wants to eat
    • She wanted to paint her bedroom walls a tangerine color

    12. Tangled – Enredado

    • The dog´s hair was so tangled we had to shave it all off
    • This story is so tangled I don´t know how it will end

    13. Tantalizing – Tentadora

    • Those desserts look so tantalizing I might break my diet today
    • The thought of the trip was so tantalizing

    14. Tantrum – Berrinche

    • We were at the supermarket and a little girl was throwing a tantrum
    • Whenever my kids throw a tantrum I just ignore them until they calm down

    15. Tape – Cinta

    • I found a box full of old video tapes in my attic
    • He secretly recorded her and then asked her for money in exchange of the tape

    16. Target – Objetivo / Blanco

    • She became the target of his obsession
    • We went to practice bow and arrow and all I did was miss the target every time

    17. Taste – Sabor

    • I´m cooking a new recipe. Would you have a taste?
    • He doesn´t like the taste of pepper

    18. Tea – Té

    • Would you like some chamomile tea?
    • Angie is drinking green tea to lose weight

    19. Teach – Enseñar

    • Would you teach me how to make apple pie?
    • Leah can teach you to dance

    20. Teacher – Maestro

    • My daughter is studying to become a math teacher
    • Samuel is a very good teacher. I already learned to drive

    21. Team – Equipo

    • Both my sons made it to the regional basketball team
    • My husband and I make a good team

    22. Tear – Lágrima / Desgarrar

    • She was crying and moaning but she never shed a tear
    • He read the letter and then tear the whole thing into pieces

    23. Technique – Técnica

    • That gal has a fantastic skating technique
    • His technique is not the best but he can do the job

    24. Technology – Tecnología

    • My grandpa is not very keen in new technology
    • His car has all the new technology you can found in a car

    25. Teenager – Adolescente

    • It is very stressful to have a teenager at home
    • We´ve met each other since I was a teenager

    26. Teeth – Dientes

    • Her teeth needed some work so we took her to the dentist
    • Ronald lost two teeth in a single week playing football

    27. Temperament – Temperamento

    • Simon has a very nervous temperament
    • The girl has such a soft temperament

    28. Temperature – Temperatura

    • The temperature was so high that the pool water was evaporating
    • There was a considerable temperature drop this past few days

    29. Temporarily – Temporalmente

    • My niece is staying at home temporarily
    • He is working temporarily as a security guard

    30. Tenant – Inquilino

    • We have a new tenant in the basement, his name in Hoe
    • She was tired of being a tenant so she saved money and bought a small house in town

    31. Tender – Tierno

    • My grandson turned out to be a very tender young man
    • The chicken was tender and tasty. Delicious

    32. Terrain – Terreno

    • We tried to ride our bikes but it was a very rocky terrain
    • The terrain was very plain so it was perfect to build the house

    33. Terrible – Terrible

    • Yesterday there was a terrible accident in Lovers Avenue
    • Her illness was a terrible shock for the entire family

    34. Terrified – Aterrorizado

    • When Thomas was a child he was terrified of the dark
    • Dina says she saw a ghost. She was terrified to stay there

    35. Test – Prueba

    • Glenda failed her driving test yet again
    • If you are buying a used car, have it tested before you buy it

    36. Testament – Testamento

    • We had to sit at the reading of my uncle´s last will and testament
    • She gave me her car keys as a testament of her commitment to pay the debt

    37. Thankfully – Agradecidamente

    • Paul felt of his bike. Thankfully he wasn’t hurt at all
    • I thought I had lost my ring; thankfully my sister found it at her house

    38. Theater – Teatro

    • Gabrielle is doing her major in musical theatre
    • My boyfriend took me to theatre last night to watch the nutcracker

    39. Theory – Teoría

    • Science is proving the big bang theory to be true
    • You have to know the theory first to then apply it

    40. Therapist – Terapeuta

    • My sister just graduated as speech therapist
    • Mary is starting with her physical therapist next Monday

    41. Thief – Ladrón

    • Not in a million years would I´ve imagine that man was a thief
    • A thief came into the trailer and stole all of our food

    42. Thin – Delgado

    • Barbara is so thin now
    • The shirt was red with very thin blue lines

    43. Thing – Cosa

    • There is one thing I can say; she can be very persuasive
    • Are you telling me that thing cost that much money?

    44. Think – Pensar

    • What do you think about this dress?
    • We think selling the farm is not a great idea

    45. Thoroughly – A fondo

    • After thinking about it thoroughly, I decided to sell my car
    • We searched thoroughly throughout the house and just couldn´t find it

    46. Thought – Penamiento

    • I thought I could handle it on my own
    • We both thought it was a good idea

    47. Threat – Amenaza

    • They received a death threat at the office just three days before the attack
    • I felt he was a threat to my well being

    48. Throat – Garganta

    • She´s being having a sore throat for a week now
    • He grabbed her by her throat which made her feel very scared

    49. Thunder – Trueno

    • Last weekend we had a terrible thunder storm
    • My dog really hates the sound of thunders

    50. Thursday – Jueves

    • We have a work dinner next Thursday
    • I visited grandma Thursday morning

    51. Tiger – Tigre

    • Jason wants a tiger printed shirt for his dad
    • All I can remember is the look on the tiger´s face

    52. Tight – Apretado

    • Her dress was so tight that she couldn´t seat at all
    • It was a tight game. They won by one point only

    53. Time – Tiempo

    • There was not enough time to spare
    • It´s being a long time since we talked on the phone

    54. Tiny – Minúsculo

    • There is a tiny chance that I could get a promotion
    • The baby was born premature so she was really tiny

    55. Tired – Cansado

    • Rhonda said she was tired of being told what to do
    • I was so tired when I got home from the gym that felt asleep in the couch

    56. Today – Hoy

    • Today is a great day to start my diet
    • I went to my dad´s today

    57. Together – Juntos

    • Are Lucas and Kira still together?
    • All the siblings were finally together

    58. Tongue – Lengua

    • Madison bit her tongue and it was bleeding a lot
    • They were speaking a tongue I have never heard before

    59. Tonight – Esta noche

    • Are you coming home tonight?
    • Tonight I´m going to the movies with Andrea

    60. Torture – Tortura

    • It was a torture seeing her jump from that platform at the pool
    • He, as a kind of torture, blocked all of the windows

    61. Tough – Duro

    • Saying goodbye was very tough
    • She is a tough girl

    62. Towards – Hacia

    • He turned towards me and blew me a kiss
    • We have to drive north towards the end of the city limits

    63. Town – Pueblo

    • McKenzie is out of town on a work trip
    • We´ve lived on the same town for all of my life

    64. Toy – Juguete

    • They buy him a new toy every week
    • Liam loves his toy cars

    65. Training – Entrenamiento

    • Neil started his training to become a salesman
    • She´s been training really hard for the nest marathon

    66. Trauma – Trauma

    • The guy suffered a brain trauma
    • The trauma was so hard that she didn´t want to drive again

    67. Travel – Viaje

    • We wanted to travel to Morocco for our honeymoon
    • It was a very long travel to get here

    68. Tree – Árbol

    • Their Christmas tree was very big and beautiful
    • There is a gorgeous palm tree in front of their house

    69. Trial – Juicio / Ensayo

    • The learning curve includes a lot of trial and error
    • The trial ended with an innocent verdict

    70. Trick – Truco

    • He always has a trick up his sleeve
    • Rita showed me a trick to clean my countertops

    71. Trip – Viaje

    • The kids took a trip to the mountains today
    • We are making a trip to the Bahamas next summer

    72. Trouble – Problema

    • You are in such much trouble young man!
    • It was a real trouble to get to the cabin

    73. True – Verdad

    • Is it true that Giorgio is back in town?
    • She says she doesn´t know him and think that´s true

    74. Try – Intentar

    • I always try to be a better person
    • You have to try it out to see if you like it

    75. Tuesday – Martes

    • I´ll see you two next Tuesday
    • Every Tuesday she has her painting lessons

    76. Turkey – Pavo

    • The thing I enjoy the most about thanksgiving is the turkey
    • Freddy wanted to eat a turkey sandwich

    77. Turtle – Tortuga

    • When I was a kid I had a turtle
    • In Galapagos Island we saw the biggest turtles ever

    78. Twice – Dos veces

    • Brianna has been married twice
    • Twice a day I play catch with my dogs at the backyard

    79. Type – Tipo

    • I told him he was not my type
    • He loves tasting all types of food he can find

    80. Typically – Típicamente

    • That is something Rob would typically say
    • Typically I wouldn´t go out at night

    Con esta amplia lista de palabras en inglés con T tendrás mucho material de apoyo para aprender y aumentar tu vocabulario y expresiones en este nuevo isioma.

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