Palabras en Inglés con U

Aumentar nuestro vocabulario aprendiendo nuevas palabras es una de las mejores técnicas que podemos utilizar a la hora de aprender cualquier nuevo idioma. Es por esto que hacer listas de palabras nuevas para aprender puede ser la mejor de las ideas. Para ayudarte a aumentar tu vocabulario te mostraremos una lista interesante de palabras en inglés con U.

Incluir estas palabras a las que conoces puede ayudarte a tener la posibilidad de hablar de cosas diferentes o conocer la manera adecuada de decir algo con la palabra ideal.


    Palabras en Inglés con U

    Palabras en inglés con U

    La siguiente lista que cuenta con 40 palabras es inglés con U puede ser una excelente ayuda a la hora de incluir nuevas palabras en nuestro vocabulario.

    Te mostraremos la palabra y su traducción al español así como algunas oraciones que ejemplifican la manera en la que puedes utilizarla de manera efectiva en una conversación.

    Es importante hacer referencia a que en inglés gran parte de las palabras que comienzan con U se describen como negativos. Esto es porque en este idioma existe el prefijo "Un" que se coloca frente a una palabra para crear el negativo de esta; así entonces si Safe significa seguro, Unsafe será Inseguro.

    1. Ugly – Feo/Fea

    • That is a very ugly fabric for a wedding dress
    • Bats are such an ugly animal

    2. Umbrella – Paraguas / Sombrilla

    • We are going to need an umbrella, is raining really hard today
    • I had to buy a new umbrella because I lost mine in the train

    3. Unable – Incapaz

    • Arthur is unable to play any musical instrument
    • I’m unable to handle any kind of machinery

    4. Uncle – Tío

    • Uncle Joe came home this past weekend from Italy
    • I have three aunts and just one uncle. He’s my mom’s older brother

    5. Under – Debajo de

    • Sarah and Jesse had a very unique wedding. They got married under water
    • Your shoes are under the bed

    6. Ulcer – Úlcera

    • My dad has an ulcer in his stomach
    • Safia has some kind of ulcer in her skin

    7. Ultimately – Ultimadamente

    • He was ultimately send to a boarding school
    • Ultimately, my dad has the last word

    8. Ultrasound – Ultrasonido

    • Sheila had an ultrasound yesterday and she is expecting a girl
    • Ultrasounds are necessary to check the baby’s well being

    9. Understand – Entender

    • I really don’t understand chemistry
    • You have to measure the right amount of sugar for the recipe. Do you understand?

    10. Underneath – Debajo

    • There were a lot of boxes and underneath them, a fantastic red carpet
    • I wonder what is underneath all of those expensive clothes

    11. Unaware – Inconsciente

    • She was unaware that she was being followed
    • Unaware of the climate, he packed just jeans and shirts so he spent the entire trip frizzing

    12. Unavailable – No disponible

    • I called Diane but she was unavailable to answer
    • My phone service was unavailable for the entire weekend

    13. Unemployed – Desempleado

    • Frank was unemployed for an entire year
    • You need to study to make sure you won’t be unemployed

    14. Unfortunate – Desafortunado

    • They were involved in a very unfortunate car accident last year
    • Mike’s death was a very unfortunate situation for his family

    15. Unbelievable – Increíble

    • It was unbelievable but it was true
    • The view from the cabin window is just unbelievable

    16. Unclear – Poco claro

    • It was unclear if she was responsible or not
    • Both did it, but it is unclear who did what exactly

    17. Uncomfortable – Incómodo

    • This couch is too uncomfortable to sit on
    • The situation between them was turning very uncomfortable to see

    18. Uncommon – Poco común

    • She had a very uncommon type of beauty
    • He had such an uncommon reaction to the pregnancy that I was scared

    19. Unconditionally – Incondicionalmente

    • He told me he’d love unconditionally and then he proposed
    • I was unconditionally compromised with that job in California

    20. Uncover –Descubrir / Descubierto

    • In that country, women can’t uncover in front of other than her husband
    • We uncover a family secret

    21. Underwear – Ropa interior

    • She loves running in her underwear in the summer
    • Alex needed new underwear before going to college

    22. Unfair – Injusto

    • I think it’s unfair that her car is newer than mine, I’m the oldest
    • Sam found it unfair that we reduced his allowance to pay for the broken glass

    23. Unique – Único / Única

    • He gave her a very unique engagement ring with a dark blue stone
    • Francys has a very unique style

    24. Universe – Universo

    • I loved the show “our unusual universe”
    • In this vast universe everything sims to be possible

    25. Unless – A menos que

    • You won’t go to grandma’s house unless you finish your homework this afternoon
    • Unless we find a good house I will not move out of my parent’s

    26. Unplug – Desenchufar

    • Don’t forget to unplug your iron before leaving
    • Fred, you have to unplug your phone before using it

    27. Until – Hasta

    • Sorry I didn´t call; I had class until 5pm this afternoon
    • You have to wait until the doctor sees the result

    28. Unreal – Irreal

    • It seems unreal that we are getting married next fall
    • I think you have unreal expectations about that Paris trip

    29. Up – Arriba

    • Harry, what are you doing up there in the ceiling?
    • We walked up a hill and had a great view of the ocean from there

    30. Upset – Molesto / a

    • William got so upset when I cancelled our dinner plans
    • She was so upset she started crying in the middle of the street

    31. Urban – Urbano

    • I was hoping to live in a more urban setting
    • She has an interesting urban music style

    32. Urge – Impulso

    • Suddenly, I felt an urge to run and hug him
    • He had to urge her to finish her studies

    33. Urgency – Urgencia

    • We had to go to his house with such an urgency I forgot my coat
    • There was a sense of urgency in his voice when he called me

    34. Use – Utilizar / Emplear

    • Excuse me but I really need to use your restroom
    • What do you use to cook a stake; a pan or a grill?

    35. Usually – Usualmente

    • This is the road I usually take to go to Peter´s house
    • Gabby usually takes two hours doing her hair and makeup before going out

    36. Underground – Subterraneo

    • In Japan, the train doesn´t go underground
    • There was a treasure buried underground

    37. Unisex – Unisex

    • In this restaurant the bathrooms are unisex
    • I tried a very nice unisex fragrance from that company

    38. Unexpected – Inesperado

    • Her death was certainly an unexpected event
    • When he left it was very unexpected

    39. Unsafe – Inseguro

    • It is very unsafe driving a bike without a helmet on
    • I thought it was very unsafe for them to live in a house with mold

    40. Useful – Útil

    • Your donation will be very useful for our project
    • It is very useful for me to be able to leave the kids with my mom

    Como ya has visto, esta lista con 40 palabras en inglés con U pueden ayudarte a aumentar tu vocabulario de gran manera. Además de esto, los ejemplos que te hemos brindado te darán una idea más clara de cómo puedes incluirlas en tu conversación.

    Así como sucede con las palabras en inglés con U, no dudes de buscar en nuestra página otras interesantes listas de palabras organizadas por su letra inicial para que puedas armar tu propio diccionario y así, mejorar tu inglés escrito y hablado.

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