Palabras en Inglés con V

Un vocabulario amplio puede ayudarnos a subir nuestro nivel de comunicación y comprensión de un idioma nuevo. Mientras más palabras conocemos, mejor podremos expresarnos y más podremos entender de lo que se nos dice o leemos. Por esto traemos en este artículo traemos una lista de palabras en inglés con V para ayudarte a aprenderlas.


    40 Palabras en inglés con V

    Palabras en Inglés con V

    Para aprender nuevas palabras no basta solo con conocerlas, también es muy importante que entendamos su traducción o traducciones al español además de la manera correcta en la que estas deben ser insertadas dentro de una manera correcta.

    Para ayudarte a comprender mejor los usos adecuados y significados de estas palabras en inglés con V, estas que se muestran a continuación cuentan con su traducción al español además de algunas oraciones que funcionan como ejemplos prácticos de su uso correcto.

    1. Vacations – Vacaciones

    • Tom has been working really hard; I think he needs to take some vacations
    • In our next vacations we are going to Ibiza

    2. Vacuum – Aspirar / Aspiradora

    • I have to vacuum this carpet urgently; it looks really dirty
    • Richard bought a new vacuum because the one we had broke

    3. Valley – Valle

    • We set the camp just at the river valley. It was perfect
    • When you look at the window you can see the valley below

    4. Value – Valor

    • This earrings have no monetary value but they are very important to me
    • She asked me to value the property she has near the lake

    5. Various – Varios

    • Various artist came together for a charity concert
    • They have lived in various places around the country

    6. Vegetables – Vegetales

    • His diet consisted in mainly vegetables and fruits
    • Fred prefers buying all of the vegetables at the farmer´s market

    7. Version – Versión

    • The police asked him to give his version of the events that night
    • I´m working really hard to be a better version of myself

    8. Very – Muy

    • Arthur is a very handsome man. Don´t you think?
    • I fell in love with a pair of black high heels but they were too expensive

    9. Veterinarian – Veterinario

    • Donna wants to be a veterinarian when grows up
    • We had to take the cat to the veterinarian yesterday

    10. Victim – Víctima

    • Lisa was the victim of a horrible crime
    • Please, don´t play the victim in the situation

    11. Victory – Victoria

    • The football team plans to celebrate their next victory with a parade
    • The election victory was a surprise to everybody, including the candidate himself

    12. View – Vista / Ver

    • The house we went to visit had a great view of the lake
    • She was adamant she wanted to view the contract before signing

    13. Village – Villa

    • She was raised in a very beautiful village by the sea
    • Trent is the only carpenter of the entire village

    14- Visit – Visita / Visitar

    • Patty called and said she will come to visit next weekend
    • The visit to New York ended up being longer than expected

    15. Violent – Violento

    • That sounds strange because Adam has never been a violent man
    • All of the sudden a violent burst of wind slammed the door close

    16. Visible – Visible

    • With visible anger Jonah left the room
    • The lamp was not visible from the front of the door

    17. Vision – Visión

    • She has a very narrow vision of the situation
    • Leah had partial loss of her vision after the accident

    18. Voice – Voz

    • Alicia´s voice is very beautiful, soft and sweet
    • I heard a voice in my head that warned me not to go in

    19. Volume – Volúmen

    • She asked them to turn down the volume because she couldn´t sleep
    • The sheer volume of water was enough to damage the ceiling

    20. Vocabulary – Vocabulario

    • You need to work on widening your vocabulary
    • His vocabulary is very wide considering his age

    21. Velvet – Terciopelo

    • She has very big velvet curtains hanging from the ceiling to the floor
    • The dress was made of deep blue velvet

    22. Vinegar – Vinagre

    • For the recipe you´ll need balsamic vinegar
    • I forgot to buy the vinegar at the grocery store

    23. Venom – Veneno

    • I´m really scared of things that can inject you venom, like snakes or spiders
    • The venom on her voice was prove of her anger

    24. Vaccine – Vacuna

    • She doesn´t want her kid to get the yellow fever vaccine
    • My dog got the rabies vaccine and it´s not feeling very good

    25. Vanish – Desaparecer

    • When police got there, the man had vanished
    • She thought his old ways would vanish over time, but it didn´t happened

    26. Vineyard – Viñedo

    • They visited a beautiful vineyard while in France
    • Oscar has always dream of having his own vineyard

    27. Vanilla – Vanilla

    • Rachel loves vanilla cakes, those are her favorite
    • You need to add cinnamon and vanilla to the mix

    28. Vehicle – Vehículo

    • Where did you parked your vehicle?
    • She uses painting as a vehicle to her creativity

    29. Vertical – Vertical

    • We need to change that into a vertical position
    • It was a vertical fall of over 15 meters

    30. Veteran – Veterano

    • Brenda is a veteran volleyball player
    • Fred´s dad is a war veteran

    31. Video – Video

    • Sandra was hired to dance in a music video
    • There was a crew filming their wedding in video

    32. Vitamin – Vitamina

    • Carrots are rich in vitamin A which is good for your eyes
    • You need to get out and get some vitamin D from the sun

    33. Valuable – Valioso

    • At the home invasion some very valuable jewelry had been stolen
    • My time is very valuable so don´t make me waste it in nonsense

    34. Variety – Variedad

    • Sheila has made a variety of courses over the years
    • I´m not a monotonous person. I need to have variety in my life

    35. Voluntary – Voluntario

    • Vicky is doing voluntary work at an animal shelter
    • This can´t be forced, it has to be a voluntary decision

    36. Vegetarian – Vegetariano

    • Pierce has decided to become a vegetarian
    • Tonya cooked the most delicious vegetarian dish I have ever tasted

    37. Veterinary – Veterinaria

    • The Moore´s veterinary clinic has turned out to be a good success
    • Ashley is working as a veterinary assistant in Ohio

    38. Vote – Votar

    • If we want to be part of the change, we need to vote
    • You will have to vote tomorrow to choose the new class president

    39. Vast – Vasto

    • The vast empire Alexander the great built was the biggest of its era
    • The vast majority of children prefer sweets over salty food

    40. Verdict – Veredicto

    • The unanimous verdict of the trial was guilty
    • They were not happy with the verdict of the jury

    Esta lista de 40 palabras en inglés con V será de gran ayuda para que logres ampliar tu vocabulario y adquirir un mayor nivel en la comunicación en este idioma. Los ejemplos que se muestran pueden ayudar a dar una idea acerca del uso correcto de cada palabra en el contexto de una comunicación eficiente.

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