Palabras en Inglés con W

Para estudiar vocabulario es una buena idea tener un sistema organizado y una de las formas en las que podemos hacer eso es utilizando listas de palabras que podamos ir aprendiendo. Esta vez ponemos a tu disposición esta lista de palabras en inglés con W.


    65 Palabras en inglés con W

    Palabras en Inglés con W

    Esta letra que en español es muy poco común en inglés lo es bastante, es por esto que se hace indispensable que estudiemos estas palabras para que las conozcamos y podamos usarlas de la manera adecuada.

    Esta lista de palabras en inglés con W te mostrará junto a la traducción de cada una al español, algunas oraciones o frases que ejemplifican a la perfección su uso correcto en una comunicación eficiente.

    1. Waist – Cintura

    • The water rose to our waist
    • Cindy has a very petit waist

    2. Waiter – Mesonero

    • Michael is working as waiter in a nearby restaurant
    • He worked as a waiter to pay for his studies

    3. Waiting – Esperando

    • I´ve been waiting for your call all day
    • What are you waiting for?

    4. Waitress – Mesonera

    • Carly has been working as a waitress for three years
    • Being a waitress can be very tiring

    5. Walk – Caminar / Caminata

    • Jessica and I went for a walk on the beach
    • Her baby is learning to walk

    6. Wall – Pared

    • The thief went in jumping the back wall
    • To have a bigger kitchen we had to tear down a wall

    7. Wallet – Billetera

    • I bought Johnathan a new wallet for his birthday
    • My dad keeps losing his wallet

    8. Want – Querer

    • All I want is to be happy
    • What do you want for breakfast?

    9. Warm – Cálido

    • I really enjoy this warm weather
    • Karla has a very warm singing voice

    10. Warning – Advertencia

    • There is a tornado warning in our town
    • I´m warning you now, don´t go near the pool

    11. Wash – Lavar

    • Remember to wash your hands before eating
    • I need to wash my car

    12. Waste – Desperdicio

    • This movie was a waste of time
    • Waste recycling is a need to save the planet

    13. Watch – Reloj / Vigilar

    • David bought me a gorgeous watch
    • You have to watch where you´re going

    14. Water – Agua

    • You need to drink more water
    • We went in the pool and the water was perfect

    15. Wave – Onda / Ola

    • My grandson is learning to wave goodbye
    • A big wave came and he fell off his board

    16. Way – Camino

    • He paved the wave for his children
    • We enjoyed the walk way by the beach

    17. Weak – Débil

    • Trina has always had weak knees
    • Anthony has been feeling really week with the flue

    18. Wealth – Riqueza

    • He earned all of his wealth with hard work
    • Her family wealth bought his love

    19. Weapon – Arma

    • North Korea has shown a new nuclear weapon
    • I never saw the weapon but heard the gunshot

    20. Weather – Clima

    • The weather was perfect for a day out
    • Tristan can´t stand cold weather

    21. Wedding – Matrimonio

    • My sister is having her wedding on April
    • I picked up my wedding dress today

    22. Week – Semana

    • We´ll be traveling to Florida next week
    • The kids have been at my mom’s for a week

    23. Weekend – Fin de semana

    • Brittany has to work next weekend
    • My birthday party will be the second weekend of March

    24. Weekly – Semanalmente

    • I call my dad weekly
    • Going to the beach is a weekly thing for Marla

    25. Weight – Peso

    • Grant needs to lose some weight
    • The baby is gaining weight which is very good for him

    26. Welcome – Bienvenido

    • I feel welcome in this place
    • Welcome home!

    27. West – Oeste / Occidente

    • Darla is moving west
    • West of town there is a fantastic pizza place

    28. Wet – Mojado

    • You need a wet suit to dive
    • Why is this floor all wet?

    29. Whatever – Lo que sea

    • Whatever you do, don´t give up
    • For whatever reason she just left

    30. When – Cuando / Cuándo

    • When did I said that?
    • I´ll talk to her when she comes home

    31. Where – Donde / Dónde

    • Where have you been?
    • I´m exactly where I need to be

    32. Whether – Si

    • You´ll come to me whether you like it or not
    • We don´t know whether to buy the house or not

    33. Which – Cual

    • Which one do you like best?
    • She didn´t know which of us did it

    34. While – Mientras / Rato

    • I´ll wait here while you finish shoping
    • She hasn´t seen him in a while

    35. Whisper – Susurro

    • Her voice was just a whisper
    • He whispered a joke into her ear and she laughed out loud

    36. White – Blanco

    • Cecil hates white cars
    • Tony really wants all the walls to be some kind of white

    37. Who – Quien / Quién

    • Alice is the one who gave me the job
    • Who are you?

    38. Whole – Todo

    • Married life is a whole new experience
    • She cleaned the whole house in an hour

    39. Why – Por que / Por qué

    • Why are you screaming?
    • The reason why she came is because my brother invited her

    40. Wide – Ancho

    • The space is longer than wide
    • She was a beautiful wide eyed celestial creature

    41. Wife – Esposa

    • My boss ‘wife is the nicest person I know
    • Carlos asked Joselyn to be his wife

    42. Wild – Salvaje

    • The party has gone wild
    • Wild animals should not be kept captive

    43. Will – Testamento

    • His last will was for me to get the farm
    • We were at my uncle´s will and testament

    44. Win – Ganar

    • Whenever he plays a game he expects to win
    • Mark really wants to win the lottery

    45. Wind – Viento

    • There was a lot of wind yesterday
    • The wind coming from the north brought a cold breeze

    46. Window – Ventana

    • The window is always open to let the sun go in
    • There is a window of opportunity to get the deal

    47. Wine – Vino

    • Ralph enjoys having a glass of wine every Friday night
    • My sister and I went to a wine test for her wedding

    48. Winner – Ganador

    • Priscila was the winner of the spelling contest
    • You can´t always be a winner

    49. Winter – Invierno

    • Every winter we go down to Florida
    • People say next winter will be the coldest in years

    50. Wisdom – Sabiduría

    • You have to listen to the words of wisdom
    • Wisdom is a fantastic virtue to seek

    51. Wish – Deseo

    • I really wish we could get along better
    • Make a wish when you blow the candle

    52. Witness – Testigo

    • Arnold was a witness to a crime
    • I witness the fight myself

    53. Wonder – Maravilla / Preguntarse

    • This is a wonder of engineering
    • I wonder if he´s all right?

    54. Wonderful – Maravilloso

    • The trip to France was wonderful
    • The house has a wonderful pool in the backyard

    55. Wood – Madera / Bosque

    • They have a bar made entirely of wood
    • Behind the house there is a pine wood

    56. Work – Trabajo

    • Brenda goes to work six days a week
    • Raising three kids is a lot of work

    57. Worry – Preocupación

    • You don´t need to worry about that
    • Clara started to worry when Brian didn´t call

    58. Worst – Peor

    • Loneliness is the worst feeling of all
    • Today I had the worst day of my life

    59. Worth – Valor

    • This house is worth over 400.000 dollars
    • It´s well worth going that long for that new job

    60. Wound – Herida

    • He ended up with a deep wound on his arm
    • The autopsy showed a bullet wound

    61. Wreck – Accidente / Naugragio

    • When tony dived he saw a shipwreck
    • As bad as the wreck was, Dilan was unharmed

    62. Wrinkle – Arruga

    • A very deep wrinkle has begun to appear in my forehead
    • That wrinkle in my dress is annoying me

    63. Wrist – Muñeca

    • Dona twisted her wrist and now has to wear a cast
    • She says Clinton grabbed her by the wrist

    64. Write – Escribir

    • I want to write a cook book
    • Ollie should write a letter for his brother

    65. Wrong – Mal / Equivocado

    • Matt finally accepted he was wrong
    • She took a wrong turn and we were lost

    Como puedes ver, estas 65 palabras en inglés con W son una gran fuente de nuevo vocabulario que puede llevarte a tener un conocimiento mucho más amplio. El estudio de estos vocablos dará a los estudiantes de este nuevo idioma la oportunidad de aprender la manera correcta de expresar nuestras ideas.

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