El huésped del espejo, relato paranormal en Inglés

El huésped del espejo, relato paranormal en Inglés es una historia de suspenso que te servira para ampliar tu vocabulario, y porque no presentarla en un ensayo o poner en práctica vocabulario que sea novedoso y disruptivo.

  1. El huésped del espejo, relato paranormal en Inglés / The guest of the mirror, paranormal story in English.
    1. The guest of the mirror. Room 453, a very long flight/ El huésped del espejo. Habitación 453, un vuelo muy largo.
    2. The flight / El vuelo.
    3. Room 453. / Habitación 453

El huésped del espejo, relato paranormal en Inglés / The guest of the mirror, paranormal story in English.

El huesped del espejo

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The mirror is transmuted into a witness of life and a container of the so deranged death and betrays the one who finds himself living between the two worlds: the mirror does not return the image of the undead and becomes the exquisite informer with his persistent determination of not reflecting what cannot be reflected.

The mirror is said to be the gate to hell through which demons move through the world and the underworld. The mirror is an object that is responsible for collecting the passage of time, the loss of time that has already passed and that we cannot have back, the dethronement produced by a present and a reality that has become the past.

The mirror is the main or secondary protagonist of stories, stories, urban legends and tales within life, works of art and events in aviation. As long flights are, do not think that everything stops here.

It tells us otherness, fears or distortions mixed with disappointment, multiplicities and challenges. Read the story below.

The guest of the mirror. Room 453, a very long flight/ El huésped del espejo. Habitación 453, un vuelo muy largo.

A friend from college left me very scared with her disturbing and terrifying paranormal horror story that happened to her with the old and sinister mirror in room number 453, well I must say from the beginning that we both studied law, but she has a career ahead since his dream was always to fly.

To begin then we must explain that Camila is a flight attendant who is just beginning her career, of course due to the large number of activities that we have at the uni, I saw her leave inside with great emotion, since she always said that her dream was to visit countries and fly .

In the same way, I remember that as a child, since we have known each other since we were children, she avoided entering her grandmother's bedroom, since there was a huge and old mirror that she was very afraid of. Camila doesn't like mirrors, in fact the one in her room was always covered with a blanket.

She only used it during the day and if she was in her company. With each passing year, Camila worked harder and harder to graduate, and the long-awaited day finally arrived. It was easy for her to graduate, celebrate and get a good job, that dreamed job where she would finally fly from one place to another, she would stay in good hotels or in places she wanted to visit.

Cami is very sweet, she is the typical loving young woman who appears in the movies, always trying to help everyone she could and for this reason, it was so easy to get her job in aviation.

The flight / El vuelo.

Her first flight was an amazing adventure, she already had a lot thought about what to do, how to treat people, not make mistakes. What she did not know was that the flight would last 3 hours and a little more, and added to this, all her companions were men.

It became endless, more than the air slowed down the plane a bit.
With this a bit of discomfort began, given her inexperience, it was also a dark and stormy night where there were very strange events, especially something that disturbed her mind for many years.

She commented to me: It was a dark and stormy night. I still have in my memory those terrible flashes of lightning that illuminated the entire plane for brief moments, it was a storm, but not just any storm, we were going from Fresno to California, therefore we would have to return, after resting a bit.

The thunder was actually so loud that for a moment Ana thought that this would be our last night. Imagine my first flight and find all this. So in my childish mind, I tried to slowly pass the hours talking to my peers, sheltering in the security of having someone by my side.

And I can tell you Ana that my reaction was almost magical, I don't know how to describe that feeling of security that I felt when I was close to my companions and crew. My fear almost instantly went away.

But there was still a lot to do, because we had to arrive at an airport where they would take us to the airport, there another concern began, they were all men, where was I going to sleep? There was only one room which I realized that no one wanted to take, but it was my opportunity to sleep alone and rest. The room, although clean, was striking, it was number 453.

It seemed very strange to me, since everyone avoided it but I didn't know the reason, and since I didn't know, in the meantime I stayed calm, the hotel was old, the floor creaked as it was made of wood, when you walk there you see the same people who They cross, no one smiles. I came to think that it was a hotel that had an agreement with the line.

I felt somewhat thirsty, because there was no water in the room, the lady at the reception was sleeping soundly, so I preferred not to disturb her and go on my own for a glass of water, the floor creaked even more. I was scared that I met a man in the corridor I thought was a hotel worker.

Room 453. / Habitación 453

I went to rest, but something woke me up at midnight. At times I thought I heard knocks, similar to those heard when someone knocks on a window. Very slowly I got out of bed and walked towards the door of my room, yes 453.

When I was about to turn the doorknob, I heard those blows again, but this time I managed to identify it immediately. They came from the huge mirror behind me.
I turned and walked silently to the mirror, thinking that it might be some animal frightened by the storm that found refuge in this very old hotel.

I looked to see through the sides of this one, but I did not find anything that was more strange. Believe me, Ana, I didn't get any trace of any animal. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I turned again biting my lips and again I felt those blows right in the mirror. I approached very quickly and stood in front of the mirror, looking at it carefully for a few seconds.

The room lit up, it was something impressive, and from the other side of the mirror the figure of a man appeared who looked at me with a very tormented face. Only the sound of thunder that crossed the room managed to shake me out of my bewilderment.

I remember that at that moment I only managed to hide like a scared animal under the bed, I couldn't clear that image from my head until hours had passed, a maid took me out of there and told me to try to sleep.

Since that same night I never wanted to set foot in a hotel again, it was very traumatic just thinking about that mirror, it made my knees wobble with panic.

The night was not over for me, we had to have breakfast, the whole crew was gathered to eat. The weather was still stormy and rainy, it looked like the English sky. We got on the transport as fast as we could. We were completely soaked, not even our underwear had been saved from that impetuous rain.

In that, the captain's phone rang and he answered the call. It was the receptionist, who told us that we had to return since the flight was delayed and we could stay at the hotel at no additional cost to get through the rain and take advantage of the opportunity to have dinner and share moments that we had not able to do.

The maid who did not stop looking at me and who was aware of my problem, she told me that it was time for me to know the history of the mirror and to accompany her to the room.

Now that I was in company, I felt that it was time to know what I saw, if it was real and if I could overcome that childish fear that followed me at all times. So I lied to him and told him that there was no problem, that he was over it.

Upon reaching the Victorian-style room, my gaze quickly went to the mirror of it. At times, that image returned to my mind and again I felt disturbed by that overwhelming memory. I tried not to think about it, but the image kept coming back over and over again.

I let out a fake laugh and told myself, enough bullshit! Hoping to keep my mind clear, I volunteered to help prepare dinner after changing out of my damp clothes.

Somehow it helped me not to think about it, but everything changed once we sat down at the table. The captain was recounting some anecdotes that had happened at the hotel and at times you could see that it was difficult for him to express himself easily due to the incredible nature of everything.

At that moment, a loud clap of thunder was heard, warning that the storm was not abating. The lights began to flicker and finally the power went out. The captain took out his lighter and proceeded to light the candles. While he was doing his thing about him, he began to tell us in a mocking tone.

This reminds me of that day when I wasn't a captain yet and they had to take me out like a rat hiding under the bed because I had seen the man in the mirror, laughing. They all laughed at the same time as I felt my face burn with anger.

I got up from the table and with the light of my mobile phone I shine my way in the direction of room 453. It was time to knock down that childish fear of that stupid mirror. I stood in front of him and looked closely at him for a moment, but found nothing strange.

I inspected it from all sides, I hit it a few times to see if it had some kind of double bottom, but nothing. I felt stupid. I sat at the foot of the bed. I took my mobile phone to check my social networks, but I had no signal.

Flashes of lightning reflecting off the mirror made me look up again. After a new flash of lightning, I managed to clearly see the image of a child from behind that was seen through the mirror.

I quickly approached and began to hit the mirror so that the child would turn around. He wanted to solve that mystery at any cost. After a new flash of lightning, I was face to face with that little boy and it was almost there for my face to fall off in bewilderment.

That night, I finally realized who was the man who was staring at me through the mirror and who had disturbed me for so many years, it was a man who committed suicide in that hotel many years ago, and that the new management had wanted to erase traces so that no one would know and not lose the contracts.The man was trapped in the mirror, not at all my first flight was good. Here is my story.

We don't know if there is an alternative reality on the other side or a parallel universe of which we are nothing more than a reflection.

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